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2021-03-15 09:40

Invent an equipment to support the construction industry

Engineer Nguyen Thanh Tung, owner of a private enterprise Chanh Tan Duc (Hamlet 3, Dao Thanh Commune, My Tho City, Tien Giang) has successfully built the material dropping equipment and a mini auto concrete mixer equipment. This machine is very handy, helps to reduce labor costs while increases labor productivity for the construction industry.

Engineer Nguyen Thanh Tung is operating self-propelled concrete mixing equipment

Both of these devices are composed of 2 hydraulic engines (researched and designed by Mr. Tung) driven by 6.5HP petrol engine with some other details such as: scoop, tank, joystick system... In particular, the hydraulic motor 1 is responsible for controlling the moving device through the rubber track system (design speed is 3-6km/h and can be controlled adjust as desired); Hydraulic motor 2 controls the operation of other parts of the equipment programmatically according to the joystick

For the concrete mixing equipment, when mixing of sand, stone, and cement materials, the operator pulls the joystick to shovel sand (2 buckets), stone (3 buckets), cement (1 bag) poured into the container; next, the container is rotated to mix the materials evenly (after adding water); after that, the equipment with mixed materials is moved to the construction work. The capacity of one batch-type concrete mixer is about 300kg

Particularly, material shovel-type  pouring devicehas a capacity of about 250 kg. Accordingly, after being filled with materials (sand, stone...), the device will be moved to the construction work. In particular, the container can be lifted up to pour materials into trucks in narrow terrain.

“I noticed that the construction sector was growing day by day, leading to an increase in labor demand and an increase in labor costs. Since then, I came up with the idea of inventing some type of device that can help the contractor reduce labor costs, improve productivity to ensure the construction progress as well as reduce the work for construction workers, especially for mason", shared Tung.

According to engineer Nguyen Thanh Tung, the two devices are designed to be compact (width only 90cm), powerful engine, the structure is suitable for many terrains (especially muddy, slippery area), especially, it easily moves in areas with narrow ereas. The self-propelled concrete mixing equipment overcomes some of the disadvantages of traditional mixing equipment such as: mason does not have to shovel materials into the mixer then loaded mixed concrete on a cart and move it manually to needed place. In addition, shovel-type  pouring device can be used to transport agricultural products (rice, fruits, vegetable…)harvested in concentrated production areas or large-scale farms.

Besides, due to the use of specialized software such as Check up, Autocad, Max 3... to design and control some main accessories the adjustment of original design as well as export order for synchronous production is easier.

In order to meet the diverse needs of customers, in the coming time, I will research to launch a new product line using brushless DC electric motors (Lithium) to replace gasoline engines in order to save costs for fuel and reduce noise as well as mitigate environmental pollution; in which, the control unit will be designed for semi-automatic or remote controlled - said engineer Nguyen Thanh Tung.

Mr. Tung is currently preparing profiles of 2 above devices to propose to the National Office of Intellectual Property(Ministry of Science and Technology) for utility solutions and industrial designs protection; at the same time, to register to participate in the 14th Tien Giang Technical Innovation Contest, 2020-2021.

Contractor Le Van Chuc (Thanh Phu commune, Cai Nuoc district, Ca Mau province) said, through researching on the website of Chanh Tan Duc private enterprise, I find this self-propelled concrete mixing equipment invented by Mr. Tung useful so that I ordered and bought one to serve my business. It really helps save labor costs, improve labor productivity to ensure the progress of the contractor works.

Author: Huynh Van Xi

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