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2024-04-09 16:20

First Smart Education Initiative Awards Judging Meeting, 2023

On the afternoon of November 10, 2023, at the headquarters of the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations, the Judging Council of the first Smart Education Initiative Awards (SEI Awards) held a meeting to evaluate and score the categories.


Representatives of the Organizing Committee and the Judging Council

One of the content of the Council’s first meeting is to proposed the Chairman to approve the results. SEI Awards is within the framework of EDTECH VIETNAM. Even though 2023 is the first year of organizing the program, the Organizing Committee has received the response and companionship of many prestigious units and businesses, such as the Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology, CMC Group, EQuest Education Group, Binh Minh Group, Misa Joint Stock Company, Phenikaa University, KDI Education Joint Stock Company, Sao Mai Equipment Solution Corporation, Azota Education Technology Company Limited.

At the meeting, the Scientific Council of the Vietnam Institute of Digital Transformation and Innovation (VIDTI) and the Organizing Committee of the SEI Awards proposed 3 award categories to meet the development requirements of schools and products of business organizations in educational technology, including:

Category 1: School Environment of the Year - with criteria groups emphasizing the application of digital technology in teaching and learning, digital technology for enhancing teaching and learning facilities, digital technology-based management of facilities, and soft criteria on digital skills of teachers, staff, and administrative activities of the educational institutions.

Category 2: Innovation/vator of the Year - designed to recognize innovative changes in teaching and learning through the application of technology, and digital transformation in teaching, learning and educational management. This category highlights that essential aspects of innovative changes based on digital technology in activities must be practically effective, aiming to enhance the effectiveness of educational institutions, teaching, learning activities, and educational management.

Category 3: Impact Award - products, services, smart solutions, and educational technology with criteria focusing on the use of IR4's new technology in solutions, safety, and data management features, as well as measurable effectiveness. The criteria groups of the category are proposed based on scientific and practical foundations, developed through policy criticism, consultation on innovation, and digital transformation implementation by VIDTI, and evaluated and approved by the Council of Experts.

These categories with criteria promoting the creativity and application of digital technology in education and training are evaluated by members of the Expert Council of the program. This council consists of scientists, experts from many institutes, and universities, as well as leaders from central ministries and sectors.

Assoc. Dr. Pham Ngoc Linh - VUSTA Vice President cum Chairman of the Jury Board chaired the meeting and claimed that although this is the first time the program has been held, it has attracted a number of educational institutions and businesses. Assoc. Dr. Pham Ngoc Linh hopes that in the near future, there will be more new ideas, products, and solutions to promote innovation and digital transformation of education.

Dr. Nguyen Quan - Former Minister of Science and Technology and chairman of Vietnam Automation Association highly appreciated the proposal on the technology forum and digital transformation of education and the SEI Awards of VUSTA. Dr. Nguyen Quan believed that the issue of national digital transformation is widely implemented. However, many educational institutions, from primary to university level, still face many obstacles in the process, especially in the ability to utilize smart digital platforms to serve the development of education technology desire. Therefore, the SEI Awards will select the most advanced examples, valuable experiences, and solutions from individuals and collectives who have initially succeeded in the field of digital transformation for the unit.

Assoc. Dr. Hoang Huu Hanh - Chairman of the Scientific Council of VIDTI cum Vice Chairman of the Jury said: EDTECH VIETNAM is a nationwide event on research, technology application, and digital transformation in education in Vietnam. The event aims to widely disseminate digital technology applications, contributing to promoting digital transformation in the field of education at all levels and activities from educational management, teaching and learning activities, research activities on new technologies in education, and building digital capacity for stakeholders in the digital education ecosystem.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the results of each category's commendation have been compiled and reported to the Chairman of the Council, listing the units and businesses that have met the criteria of the First Edition of SEI Awards, 2023.

The ceremony to commend units and businesses that have achieved the first "SEI Awards" in 2023 was held on the morning of December 2, 2023, at the Vietnam Military Theater. The event was broadcast live on the VTC1 channel - VTC Digital Television.

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