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2023-12-12 15:17

Need to Diversified Methods of Popularizing Science for Young Generation

The symposium "Creating a Good Ecosystem for Scientists' Engagement in Popular Science" within the framework of the World Conference on Science Literacy 2023, was held at Shougang Park, Beijing, China. Many speakers offered models and solutions to improve scientific understanding for young people.


Speakers answering questions from the attendees

Lim Tit Meng, President of the Singapore National Academy of Science, CEO of Singapore Science Centre stated that: In the 4.0 technologically developed society, fake news appears frequently on platforms, so it is necessary to cultivate the ability to popularize science understanding of scientists in the context of intelligent communication. We need to diversify communication methods to enhance scientific knowledge for the community. For example, in Singapore, the government has put a lot of effort into popularizing scientific knowledge. The government has built science museums and science centers where scientific research activities for young people take place, aiming to help the youth understand and be passionate about science, and then apply it in practice.


VUSTA delegation at the seminar

Additionally, Singapore has taken advantage of all social media such as YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok to bring scientific knowledge to the young generation. Along with that, they also combined scientific education with cultural elements so that people could easily absorb the knowledge.

Mr. Meng gave an illustration: when preparing the Singapore Hainanese chicken rice, they would dip a whole chicken into cold water right after taking it out of the boiling pot. They used science to explain this practice. Such an explanation will help people better understand science and demonstrate that science is not as dull as people often think.


The symposium attracted many attendees

Liu Jifeng, Deputy Director of National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) said that: Technology is developing rapidly, and the emergence of AI such as Chat GPT is threatening the jobs of science communicators as it can replace them. However, Chat GPT is just a machine that synthesizes information and lacks creativity. Therefore, nothing can replace humans in seeking and researching science topics or enhancing creativity. For these reasons, we need to focus on nurturing the passions, desire for exploration, and creativity of young people. Astronomy has always been more attractive and stimulating for them. Therefore, schools have encouraged the establishment of Astronomy Clubs, leading to the creation of astronomical museums. In addition, many businesses also organize astronomy competitions for talented students from high schools and universities.

Previously, research institutes did not have much of a role in popularizing astronomy, but now research institutes have organized many seminars and classes on Astronomy. In particular, Institutes have devoted 1% of the Astronomical Observatory's total time to open for youth to experience scientific observation.


VUSTA delegation and Wu Xiangping, Professor of Space Science, AKA the symposium leader.

Yuan Lanfeng, Deputy Director of the Research Center for Science Communication CAS, shared in his lecture on "How to build a bridge between various scientific fields and the community" as follows: Science popularizers can be scientists or non-scientists, but they must clearly define what they understand and to what extent. It is also necessary to clearly distinguish the target audience for science popularization, such as students, the uninformed, officials, etc. When popularizing science, it is important to clarify what the target audience already knows and what they want to know; what the popularizer knows and what they want to convey. To become a science popularizer, one must first acquire knowledge and then develop appropriate methods for popularizing to different audiences. They can regularly organize dialogues with experts and scientists in other fields to assess whether one has reached the level to popularize scientific knowledge.

In addition, the speakers also proposed many solutions, such as suggesting that scientific initiatives and products should be valued based on their practical application value to determine the intellectual property rights of those products within the community.


Prof. Nguyen Van Phuoc, President of HCMUSTA at the symposium

During the symposium, Professor Nguyen Van Phuoc, President of the Union of Science and Technology Associations of Ho Chi Minh City shared that: Nowadays, science and technology are developing rapidly, and it is also a time of comprehensive transformation of socioeconomic activities, as well as digital transition, and green economy transition. Therefore, scientific knowledge for young people is very necessary to help them timely absorb new knowledge. From there, young people have many opportunities to develop themselves and contribute positively to society. In my opinion, disseminating scientific knowledge to children from an early age will have significant effects, suitable for the digital technology era, as they are easy to absorb, and develop new creative ideas in the future.


Nguyen Thi Bich Lan, Director of VIDTI

Nguyen Thi Bich Lan, Director of the Vietnam Institute of Innovation and Digital Transformation (VIDTI) expressed her viewpoint on the importance of disseminating scientific and technological knowledge to young people in digital transformation. Recognizing the importance of digital transformation, dynamism, creativity, and sensitivity to science and technology, young people are expected to be at the forefront of digital transformation, leading the way in building and developing all fields in the future. Therefore, raising the awareness of young people about national digital transformation is very urgent; it is necessary to affirm the pioneering spirit and leadership of young people in the process of digital transformation.

To do so, organizations need to research high-quality educational programs to disseminate science and technology programs and integrate new technologies into the learning process to help young people understand the potential and application of digital transformation. Building an environment to promote creativity and technology experimentation helps them apply knowledge to reality and develop digital skills in the best way. And especially, it is necessary to create opportunities for young people to learn and work with experts in the field of technology and science, thereby developing themselves, connecting, and promoting the linkage between scientific and technological products and practical applications in the future.


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