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2022-08-29 10:59

The final round of the Creativeness Contest for Adolescents and Children in Phu Tho

July 27, 2022: The Organizing Committee of Technical Innovation Contests of Phu Tho province held an opening ceremony of the final round of the Provincial Creativeness Contest for Adolescents and Children in 2022.

In 2022, despite being severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, all districts, towns and cities in the province have exerted efforts to overcome difficulties and actively implemented scientific creative movements for young people and children.


Members of the Organizing Committee visited the model of "Information and Health Monitor" of Cam Khe High School students (Cam Khe district)

In the 2022 contest, 13/13 districts, cities and towns all presented models and products to the event. District and municipal organizing committees selected the best models and products from local contests to present at the provincial contest. The Provincial Organizing Committee of the Provincial Technical Innovation Contest received 202 models and products in 5 sectors, in which school supplies (52 models and products); environmentally friendly products (53 models and products); household tools and child toys (45 models and products); computer software (17 products); solutions to climate change response and environmental protection, and economic development (35 models and products).

54 models selected through auditions have come to the final round where contestants scored through presentations, interviews and evaluation by the Board of Examiners based on the criteria of novelty, creativity and applicability. At the final, 50 models and products were selected for provincial awards and introduced to the National Contest.

The Phu Tho 2022 Creativeness Contest for Adolescents and Children attracted a large number of students and children in the province to participate. The quantity and quality of themes and products of this year's contest have changed in comparison with previous years. Some are new, creative and can be practically applied in learning, production and life such as automatic clothe drying cabinet, controlled via wifi, Ly Tu Trong Secondary School, Viet Tri city; convenient tools for tilling, fertilizing, and sowing seeds, Tinh Nhue Secondary School, Thanh Son district; self-propelled robot serving in the hospital, Thanh Thuy High School, Thanh Thuy district; information and health monitor of Cam Khe High School’s students, Cam Khe district; building virtual models of Phong Chau high school, Phong Chau high school, Lam Thao district; smart trash bin, Sa Dec Secondary School, Phu Tho Town.


The Board of Examiners gives marks for the model of "The mind map for 10-grade philology of new high-school program" of Vu The Lang High School, Viet Tri City.

The contest encouraged and fostered competition of learning, research, and creative work of school-age students. The science topics of the winning students are joy, pride and encouragement to help them be more confident in learning; continue to research, work creatively, practice skills to become scientists who help society in the future./.

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