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2021-12-20 08:51

VUSTA leadership met with CDC Vietnam Country Director

Ha Noi - November 2, Vice President Prof. Pham Quang Thao received Dr. Eric Dziuban, CDC Vietnam Country Director at VUSTA headquarters.

At the meeting, Dr. Eric Dziuban appreciated the strong and active response from Vietnamese departments, in terms of Covid-19 prevention, although Vietnam is one of the 124 countries with records of Delta variant infections - a stronger version of the SARS-CoV-2 virus - including contributions from VUSTA scientists in early COVID-19 prevention measures such as preventative processes, containment, F0 tracking, identifying F1 and F2 to block the infection source.

Vice President Pham Quang Thao working with CDC in Vietnam

Prof. Pham Quang Thao also informed Dr. Dziuban and other CDC members of contributions made by science and technology in disease prevention. He also updated CDC on results from the VUSTA Global Fund against HIV/AIDS, 2011 - 2020 period with a total budget of 23 million USD being disbursed primarily on HIV preventive work and testing, improving community systems and creating a juridically friendly environment for primary groups to access services.

Dr. Eric Dziuban, CDC Vietnam Country Director at the meeting

At the time being, VUSTA has organized over 40 seminars to gather public opinion and contribute in drafting the Amendment of the Law on Health Insurance, Amendment of the Law on Legal Aid, Amendment of the Law on Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS, the Law on Gender Reassignment, 12 studies and surveys on public opinion, 11 news, 4 annual reports on successful projects and stories, and HIV/AIDS awareness thematic. Furthermore, the legal advice hotline 1800.1029 processes an average of 2400 calls annually. In the upcoming 2021-2023 period, VUSTA projects will increase participation from social and community organizations to cut down on new HIV infections and provide adequate health services to primary groups, contributing in the successful implementation of the National Campaign on ending AIDS by 2030.

VUSTA leadership and US CDC in commemorative photo

The two leaders agreed on maintaining the current consulting and coordinating mechanisms in deploying project activities as well as seeking technical support from CDC in terms of VUSTA’s specialized activities, especially in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thanh Hai

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