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2022-09-05 17:14

Prof. Dr. Pham Van Thuc: Never think of making money and getting rich once selecting the medicine

Prof. Dr. Pham Van Thuc shared that choosing the Medicine was to treat diseases and save patients, not because as being told by people: "The medical profession is very rich, just work and then open a private clinic to get money”.

The biggest challenge of a doctor is the love for profession.

When we contact Prof. Dr. Pham Van Thuc, Chairman of the Scientific Council of Hai Phong University of Medicine and Pharmacy, member of the Executive Committee of Hai Phong Union of Science and Technology Associations, he is always busy.

Prof. Dr. Pham Van Thuc shared that his day was always "full" from morning to evening, sometimes until night. Accordingly, in the morning he went to the hospital for briefings and medical examination, and in the afternoon he gave lectures to students, graduate students or postgraduates. In the evening, he continued his work with thesis reading.


Prof. Dr. Pham Van Thuc. Photo: NVCC.

"Every day is a busy day; Saturdays are no exception. Even on Sundays, I still work if being asked by patients. My name is Thuc (awake in Vietnamese) but I sleep very well. I often have to set the alarm to wake up. " Prof. Thuc said.

Sharing with the reporter of Knowledge and Life magazine, Prof. Pham Van Thuc said that he was born in a poor family in Phuc Le commune, Thuy Nguyen district, Hai Phong. His grandfather was a traditional herbs doctor, specializing in making drugs to save people. His father was also a nurse, always enthusiastic, trying to help patients. Since he was a little boy, he felt that curing and treating sick people was a great pleasure and nurtured his love for the medical profession. At the age of 18, he passed the entrance exams to Hanoi Medical University. After graduating from the university, he passed the exams and continued his post-graduate boarding training system. After graduation, when being asked if he wanted to work in Hanoi or Hai Phong, he decided to return to Hai Phong because of his love for his homeland and his desire to build a strong medical branch for Hai Phong Medical University. Up to now, he has contributed to the development of Hai Phong Medical University with all 07 undergraduate training codes (General, Preventive Medicine, Odonto-Stomatology - Dentistry, Traditional Medicine, Pharmacist, Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Medical Technology) and 50 graduate training codes including: Specialty I, Specialty II, Resident, Master, Doctor). In particular, the University also has a unique specialty. This is marine medicine which is only available at Hai Phong University of Medicine and Pharmacy.


Dr. Pham Van Thuc, Chairman of the University's Council awarded the Academic Fund scholarship to new top valedictorian and new graduated valedictorian. Photo: NVCC.

He devoted all of his youth to the medical profession, and until now, he continues to devote himself incessantly. Professor Pham Van Thuc shared that the biggest challenge of a doctor is real love for the profession because only this can help overcome the pressure of work.

“Once engaged in the medical profession, each person needs to answer the question: What is the reason for doing the medical profession? For love or just a job to make money? Because there is a difference between the medical examination to save people and medical examination to make money. Some people say: "The medical profession is very rich, just work and open a private clinic to get rich", but it is not like that. If you do the medical profession, you must determine to cure diseases and save patients. And having a love for the profession is the only way to overcome the pressure", Prof. Thuc said. According to him, the characteristics of medical profession is that the situation with the patient is the situation with human being. The personality of patients is different from one another, so it must be careful in handling situations in a harmonious and reasonable manner. Doctors have to face issues like misunderstanding and blames by patients for many times. At those times, without love for the profession, they cannot overcome the difficulties. And one more thing is also very important, it is when you have passion for the profession, you will be good at it. Because the love for the profession makes a doctor want to learn, explore, update new regimens to treat patients, and give lectures to students. “Medicine is lifelong learning, learning day by day, hour by hour, and associated with patients for the whole life. The happiness of a doctor or teacher is when the patient is cured and feels excited; The students' feedback on their lectures is that they find them interesting and meaningful", said Prof. Thuc.

Tuition fees suddenly increase, poor students can't afford

Prof. Pham Van Thuc said that his opinion about working in the medicine branch is not to make money or get rich, but doctors also need to ensure their income to be able to live and work. This is what worries him a lot.


 Prof. Pham Van Thuc was granted the professor's degree with honor by Kanazawa University, Japan. Photo: NVCC

According to Prof. Thuc, currently a doctor is still not adequately paid. In particular, the salary of a graduate doctor after 6-year academic course is only equal to the starting salary of other students after 4-year academic course. That is unreasonable. Such salary should be equal to that of a student with master's degree.

"This has also been discussed extensively by ministries and departments, but it has not been yet realized," Prof. Thuc said. After years of working in the medicine sector, and acting as the head of a training institution, one more thing worries Professor Pham Van Thuc is the training of the next generation. During the past time, there were many opinions on the increase of tuition fees for the medicine. According to Prof. Thuc, it is necessary thing to do but a roadmap for this is needed. The reason is that, in the past, we mainly had public hospitals. However, at present, many hospitals are assigned to make self-reliant. The question is, if there is no investment from the State, how can we import high-tech and modern equipment? This relates to students' practice in private hospitals, whether students can practice on such modern equipment or not? Therefore, many opinions in favor of tuition fee increase. It is used to invest in these modern equipment. Currently, in comparison with other training branches, the tuition fee of 9-14 million/year for a medical student is too low. “However, it is necessary to have a roadmap of increase to meet training requirements, training quality and must follow the direction of the Government. If the sudden hike in tuition fees is too high, it will be difficult for not only poor students but also ordinary ones to afford," Prof. Thuc said. According to him, it is also possible to learn from foreign countries where students can borrow from government. Upon graduation and securing a job, students will return to governments.


Prof. Dr. Pham Van Thuc received the Academics of Medicine at the French National Academy of Medicine. Photo: NVCC

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