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2022-03-16 08:15

Phu Yen: The teacher invents a dust-free whiteboard wiper

At the 9th Phu Yen Provincial Technical Innovation Contest (2020-2021), the solution model "LVT. 01 dust-free whiteboard wiper" innovated by 40 years old Teacher Le Van Trung

in the Primary and Secondary School in Xuan Tho 2 Commune, Song Cau town, Phu Yen province entered the final examination and the jury scored the second prize.

LVT.01 dust-free whiteboard wiper (VLT stands for the author's name Le Van Trung, 01 is the first generation of the device) with mechanical features, high application efficiency to serve the needs of school’s use. The LVT.01 dust-free whiteboard cleaner is a necessary device to replace the traditional whiteboard cleaning cloth, in order to minimize the amount of chalk dust that diffuses in the classroom space to ensure the health of teachers and students, Teacher Le Van Trung shared.


Teacher Le Van Trung received the award at the closing ceremony of the 9th Phu Yen Provincial Technical Innovation Contest (2020-2021).

Towards a clean environment

The teacher Le Van Trung confided: “For a long time, as the traditional method, when teaching, the teachers used to use the chalk to write on the board and use a cloth or sponge to wipe the board… creating chalk dust that affects the health of the teachers and students in the classroom. Especially so far, there has not been any research on patenting a whiteboard cleaner for effective application in school practice… from which I came up with the idea of ​​creating a model of dust-free whiteboard cleaner”.

It is known that the idea of ​the model "LVT.01 dust-free whiteboard cleaner" created by Mr. Trung was not in recent years. On the contrary, this idea started in 2016, Mr. Trung shared: "I found out, in 2016, the 11th grade student of Tam Giang High School, Phong Dien district, Thua Thien - Hue, Cao Kha Tien had a product in this field at a Youth & Children's Innovation Contest in Thua Thien Hue. However, the solution was to place the exhaust fan above the cleaning cloth and mount it in the box, using the force of your hand to wipe it (towel). That solution had many limitations, no mechanical properties and low practical application, because the exhaust fan in that solution was an axial fan but its structure was incomplete (missing the fan cover), the amount of dust still spilled out during the cleaning process. Learning from the limitations of the product of the student in Thua Thien - Hue, I researched and created the model product "LVT.01 dust-free whiteboard cleaner".

The model product that won the second prize of the 9th Phu Yen Provincial Technical Innovation Contest (2020-2021) is not only the personal joy but also the joy of the whole school. Hopefully, the model can be applied in practice, because in addition to being used to clean the boards in schools. “LVT.01 dust-free whiteboard cleaner” can also be used to clean dust on flat surfaces such as tables, chairs, etc., added Mr. Le Van Trung.

The model is feasible with practice

Regarding the general structure, the product model "LVT.01 dust-free whiteboard cleaner" includes: Body (cylindrical shape). Carry handle (handle). Motor DC775-80W; Power supply; Dust holding outer frame. And the details (attached to the body): Cylindrical foam core, rotating shaft, twisted barrier, straight barrier, wiper blade (jean fabric), centrifugal fan, switch, slide ball d=5mm, roller bearing φ18.

About the working mechanism of “LVT.01 dust-free whiteboard cleaner” is based on the mechanical movement, coaxial rotation of the cylindrical foam block mounted on the shaft of the DC motor. When the foam block rotates, it will create a mechanical force on the surface of the whiteboard to wipe away the chalk dust, the chalk dust will be blocked by the barriers inside the machine (twisted and straight barriers) to prevent the dust from being thrown towards the foot of the rotating shaft. At the base of the rotating shaft, there is a centrifugal fan attached, the exhaust fan will suck this amount of chalk dust along the pipe to the dust bag, the dust bag is to contain the amount of dust without letting it out.

About the principle of operation: “LVT.01 dust-free whiteboard cleaner”: Install the power supply in the middle of the bottom edge of the whiteboard, the length of the power cord is ≥ 1.7m (from the converter to the machine) to ensure movement of the machine on both sides of the board surface. Connect the power supply to the machine, turn on the motor power switch to work. The rotating shaft, the foam core mounted on the rotating shaft creates pressure on the board surface to wipe away the chalk dust on the board; the twisted rod resists force causing the dust to roll towards the exhaust fan, the horizontal bar and the blade prevent the remaining dust from escaping; And also, the centrifugal fan will suck the dust through the duct to the outside and store it in the bag. In the process of moving the machine on the board, the ball is to slide to make the machine move lighter and avoid scratching the board.

The LVT.01 dust-free whiteboard cleaner is a mechanical product that replaces the traditional foam board wipes. As far as I know, currently no one has researched and manufactured this product line and there is no similar product line on the market. This is the novelty and outstanding creativity of the product,” said Mr. Le Van Trung, confidently.

The teacher Nguyen Van Dung - Principal of Xuan Tho 2 Primary and Secondary School, excitedly evaluated Mr. Trung’s second prize: “LVT.01 free - dust whiteboard cleaner contributes to keeping the air clean in the space in the classroom, helping protect the health of teachers and students, contributing to improving the quality of teaching in Phu Yen in particular and the whole country in general".

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