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2022-10-28 16:16

Research on sustainable energy transition in the Federal Republic of Germany

At the invitation of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES), a delegation of The Vietnam’s Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) visited the Federal Republic of Germany from 4th July to 9th July 2022 to study the sustainable energy transition program.

The delegation is composed of representatives from Vietnam General Confederation of Labor, the Trade Union of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Academy of Journalism and Communication.

Upon the visit, the delegation met and worked with many different ministries, agencies, research institutes and enterprises in the field of energy transition in Germany. After the first meeting at FES Headquarters, the delegation had a meeting with Agora Energy Research Institute, Institute of Climate, Environment and Energy, KEK Institute, Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, Ministry of Economy and Climate Protection, Union of Trade Unions and a number of German enterprises in the field of power transmission, consultation and support of small and medium enterprises, research on new technologies in the field of energy transition. In addition, the delegation visited the village of Feldheim, where the entire energy source used by the villagers is provided by wind, solar and biomass energy; the city of Cottbus, which is expected to close all opencast coal mines by 2032 and convert it into an eco-tourism area; visited and learned from activities of the German Federal Parliament; and other experiences in German culture.


The delegation at FES

At the working meetings, experts and representatives of organizations shared information and German experience on sustainable energy transition. Accordingly, the German Federal Government has set a goal by 2038 to completely stop exploiting coal mines and switch to renewable energy such as wind, solar, hydroelectric biomass and other types of renewable energy technology. To implement that strategy, the German Government has approved a budget amount of nearly 40 billion euros (from the Federal budget) to support the implementation of new technology research, consultation and support for small and medium enterprises, access to the market and new technologies, application of effectiveness of new technologies in the market, delivery of training on human resources in the new energy market, support businesses and employees in the areas affected by this strategy. In current context, given challenges in fuel supply, the German Government has to restart a number of coal-fired plants. However, the German government remains committed to maintaining its goal of fully switching to renewable energy by 2038.


Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action

In the strategy of sustainable energy transition, the German Trade Union Association also plays a very important role, working closely with the Government and other stakeholders to ensure the quality of life of coal power workers as well as social security in coal mine areas that are not seriously affected. On the side of the delegation, Mr. Le Duy Tien, Deputy Secretary General shared operation, roles, functions, tasks and contributions of VUSTA as well as of other organizations in the VUSTA system in the process of sustainable energy transition in Vietnam. Delegates also exchanged and shared more information on Vietnam's guidelines and policies on energy efficiency, moving towards sustainable energy transition.


The delegation visits wind farm at Feldheim village

FES, founded in 1925, is the oldest political organization named after the first President of Germany. FES has 30 years of operation in Vietnam, in which the sustainable energy transition program is one of the two major programs of the foundation in Vietnam. The program, with the goal of socio-ecological transformation, aims to promote a low emission economy, efficient use of resources and towards social integration; to promote equitable transition, and to ensure equality for laborers in the fossil fuel industry and other groups affected by this process.

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