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2023-06-30 12:04

VUSTA’s leadership attends the 2023 Mid-term Conference of International Science Council (ISC)

The Vice Chairman Pham Ngoc Linh attended and delivered a speech at 2023 Mid-term Conference of International Science Council (ISC) held on May 10th 2023 in Paris.

The 2023 Mid-term Conference of ISC, with the theme "Capitalizing on Synergies in Science," is organized by the International Science Council (ISC) in Paris, the capital of France, from 10th to 12th May 2023. The conference brings together 300 delegates, including scientists and experts from 80 member countries, to discuss global issues and challenges, as well as scientific and technological solutions for the betterment of humanity.


Vice President Pham Ngoc Linh at the 2023 Mid-term Conference of ISC

At the conference, Ass. Prof. Dr. Pham Ngoc Linh reaffirmed the role of the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) as the largest representative organization of intellectuals, experts, and the scientific and technological community in Vietnam. With a wide network both domestically and internationally, including 156 member associations, 600 scientific research and technology development units, 73 newspapers and magazines with over 500 publications, VUSTA regularly carries out advisory, consultancy and social evaluation tasks; scientific research and technological development; dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge; and the application of technological advancements in production and daily life.

Although becoming an official member of the ISC since 1963, VUSTA's activities within this mechanism have not been particularly prominent. Therefore, in the near future, VUSTA will prioritize promoting even more active engagement in the international scientific community through exchange activities and scientific collaborations within the framework of ISC's comprehensive programs.


VUSTA’s Vice President Pham Ngoc Linh's exchanged with Mr. Peter Gluckman, President of ISC at the Conference

With its network of publishing and media agencies, particularly the Knowledge Publishing House, scientific works around the world will be translated and introduced to the Vietnamese public, targeting youth, students, and young researchers. VUSTA aims to use this inclusive channel to disseminate scientific and technical knowledge and enhance academic exchanges between Vietnam and the world, with a strong focus on sustainable national development goals such as green growth, climate change adaptation, and pandemic response, as well as economic recovery of post-pandemic period, to effectively address the challenges faced by most developing countries including environmental pollution, public health, and social issues…


Dr. Pham Ngoc Linh and delegates in the Asia – Pacific Ocean region at the Conference

Linh affirmed that as a responsible member of ISC, VUSTA is ready to become a focal point for hosting ISC's international conferences and workshops in the region and the world, aiming to become an important channel for connecting membership scientific and technical organizations in the Southeast Asia and Asia-Pacific region, thereby promoting the collective strength of collaborative research activities and making significant contributions to the development of ASEAN's science and technology, keeping pace with global standards.

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Vietnam established diplomatic ties with the European Union (EU) in October 1990. Since then, Vietnam has become one of the EU's main partners in the region, with the highest number of agreements of any country in Southeast Asia (including EVFTA and JETP).
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