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Name in English: Thainguyen Union of Science and Technology Associations

Year of establishment: Decision No. 1632/QD-UBND dated on 7/6/2002 by Thai Nguyen provincial People’s Committee

Address: 513, Luong Ngoc Quyen Road, Thai Nguyen City, Thai Nguyen

Tel: 0280.3753720/ 0280.751723, 0913.027.807     Fax: 0280.3753723

Email:    Website:

Number of member associations: 23    Number of affiliated organizations: 02

Principles & Purposes

1. Thai Nguyen Union of Science & Technology Associations (referred to as Thai Nguyen Union) is a voluntary social and political organization of a group of intellectuals acting in the fields of science and technology. Thai Nguyen Union is a member of Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations and Vietnam Fatherland Front of Thai Nguyen province. All of Thai Nguyen Union’s activities are under the direct and comprehensive leadership of Thai Nguyen Provincial Party Standing Committee and People’s Committee in order to implement effectively the guidelines and policies of the Party, State, Centre, and locality on science and technology.  

2. The purposes of the provincial Union is to gather and unite the scientific and technological forces of all economic sectors and social activities inside and outside the province and to regulate and coordinate the activities of the member associations to promote the role of the intelligentsia in the cause of industrialization and modernization of the country and the socio-economic development of the province as well as contribute to the objectives of industrialization, modernization, a prosperous people, a strong country, and an equitable and civilized society.

3.  Thai Nguyen Union operates in accordance with the Regulations approved by Congress of Thai Nguyen Union, in compliance with the laws of Socialist Republic of Vietnam, and under the Regulations of Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations. Thai Nguyen Union operates in the provincial area. Within the framework prescribed by Laws, Thai Nguyen Union represents and protects the legitimate rights and interests of its scientists and member associations.

Functions and tasks

1. To gather and unite the scientific and technical intellectuals inside and outside the province, to regulate and coordinate the activities of member associations, and to create favorable conditions for the Associations and intellectuals working in the scientific and technical area in general to develop their intellectual potential in order to serve the industrialization and modernization of the country.

2. To participate in the practical summary and theoretical development and perform the social advisory, judgment, and assessment in order to contribute into building up the scientific basis for the planning of guidelines, policies, plans, and projects to develop science-technology, education-training, economy-society, and national security-defense of executive committees and local authority.

3. To organize to propagate, disseminate, and guide the mass forces to apply the scientific and technological advances, supply scientific and technological services, and process and consume scientific and technological products in accordance with provisions of laws; to edit and propagate journals, newsletters, magazines, special issues, year books, and training documents and disseminate scientific and technological knowledge, etc.

4. To participate in scientific research, deployment of new technology, and environmental protection; to positively contribute into the cause of raising people’s standards of culture, training manpower, and fostering talents, especially training talented and virtuous young generation to contribute into the country’s socio-economic development. 

5. To well implement the role as member of provincial Fatherland Front and closely coordinate with other political institutions to:

a) Contribute into building the national unity bloc and promoting the synergy of the political system in order to carry out the goal “prosperous people, strong country, and equal, democratic, and civilized society”;

b) Contribute into maintaining the fine traditional culture of the country and positively participate in building up new lifestyle and eliminating social evils and superstition;

c) Mobilize, gather, and create favorable conditions for Thai Nguyen scientific and technological intelligentsia at home and abroad to contribute their wisdom and strength to construct the country;

d) Mobilize Thai Nguyen intelligentsia ti struggle for peace, against war, and for friendship, understanding, and cooperation among peoples.

6. To act as the clue of relation between member associations and members and the Party, State, provincial Fatherland Front, and other institutions in order to commonly solve the matters of Union’s operation.

7. To build up, develop, and increase the operational efficiency of the Union’s existing member associations and promote the establishment of new eligible member associations. 

8. To educate patriotism, national pride, sense of civic responsibility, community, truthfulness, and professional ethics of intelligentsia; to protect legitimate rights and interests of members and scientific and technological officials; to create favorable conditions to improve professional qualification and spiritual and material life of members and people who specialize in science and technology.

9. To so participate in external and international cooperation activities in the fields of science and technology that Thai Nguyen intelligentsia have conditions to improve understanding, vision, and wisdom to contribute into bringing practical benefits to the people and constructing the country.

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