Liên hiệp các hội và khoa học kỹ thuật Việt Nam
2018-11-19 10:45



-       Assisting the Presidium with the management of VUSTA’s international cooperation activities.

Main tasks:

-       Building VUSTA’s long-term strategy, five-year and annual international cooperation plans and guideline documents on international cooperation activities.

-       Proposing international cooperation programs.

-       Proposing coordination programs with related agencies to attract Vietnamese intellectuals from overseas.

-       Representing VUSTA at some international forums and networks.

-       Proposing, building up, managing, and implementing cooperative programs and mechanisms with VUSTA’s foreign partners.

-       Managing and implementing international cooperation programs at the VUSTA Headquarters.

-       Implementing communication activities to promote VUSTA’s image to international partners.

-       Assisting VUSTA leaders to manage and supervise international cooperation activities of the VUSTA affiliated units.

-       Performing other assigned tasks.

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Need a prerequisite solution to attract talents and develop teacher workforce
The policies regarding the allowances for teachers and educational management personnel - the forces that determine the quality of education and training have not yet met actual requirements. Investing in people is the top priority, so there must be a prerequisite solution to develop our country’s teacher workforce, which is to attract talented individuals and ensure a sufficient income for them.
Vinh Long: Connecting and building an information system for tourism development
On June 13, 2023, the Vinh Long Provincial Union of Scientific and Technical Associations, in collaboration with the Tourism Association and the Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, as well as the Department of Science and Technology, organized a wokshop with the theme: "Connecting and building an information recommendation system for users in Vinh Long's tourism development".