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2022-06-01 16:26

Automation in the National Digital Transformation Program – Smart and Innovative

This is the theme of the 6th Scientific Conference and Exhibition on Control and Automation (VCCA 21) which is held on 8 and 9 of April in Ho Chi Minh city as announced by the President of Vietnam Automation Association at a press conference.

This event is under the patronage and support of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, People’s Committees of   the cities where the event has taken place for many years.


Dr. Nguyen Quan, Chairman of the Vietnam Automation Association, cum Chairman of the Conference briefing at the press conference

Dr. Nguyen Quan, the Chairman of Vietnam Automation Association cum the Chairman of the conference said that VCCA-2021 was a science and technology event at national and international level which is increasingly prestigious. It gets supported by local ministries, sectors and a great number of scientists, heads of institutes and businesses operating in the field of automation. This year, despite being heavily affected by Covid-19 pandemic, some foreign scientists and foreign enterprises cannot attend as usual, however VCCA-2021 is still a great event and there will be good outcomes.

As usual, VCCA 2021 will comprise of three main activities: a scientific conference, an international exhibition and a business forum in order to connect and effectively exploit the link between managers, scientists and entrepreneurs.

The goal of the scientific conference is to create a scientific conference at prestigious national and international level in the field of control and automation. This is also an opportunity for Vietnamese and international scientists to introduce their research results and to exchange academic experience for those who are working in this industry. In addition, the conference focuses on the issues that are interested by scientists, businesses and the society such as international exhibition, business forum …

The international automation exhibition is expected to receive about 70 booths displaying products of domestic and international enterprises, departments, institutes, schools and local automation associations.

The Business Forum will focus on the main themes: smart city digital transformation in manufacturing enterprises; smart agriculture; renewable energy and entrepreneurship innovation. In addition to the exhibition activities, the Business Forum with five sessions (more than 20 papers) is the place for managers to share about orientation, and policy making for the development of business lines after Covid-19 pandemic. Suppliers can introduce more sufficiently about technology solutions, have more opportunity to ask and answer questions in order to promote domestic and international market, expand investment, production and business. Especially, the foreign delegations including Russian, Korean, etc will attend the Business Forum.


Mr. Le Duy Tien, Deputy General Secretary of the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations spoke and the press conference

At the press conference, Mr. Thai Quang Vinh, Head of the Conference Program said that “Although the scientific conference of VCCA2021 has been taken place in the context of Covid-19 pandemic, this 6th session has inherited a lot of experience from the previous sessions, therefore, basically the process of receiving articles and handling information regarding articles is taken place as usual, and the preparation is still carried out according to the usual practice of international conference. The process of receiving and approving articles, preparing conference documents is still guaranteed despite the request of many authors due to different circumstances, in which there are many cases related to Covid-19 so the Program Board has extended the deadline for receiving articles by half of a month on August 15th 2021. The scientific content and scale of the conference still remained as high as that of recent VCCA conferences”.

Mr. Vinh also said that the number of received scientific reports as of August 15th 2021 is 160 articles with contents covering most of the 50 themes of the Conference. Fifty-six Professors, Associates Professors and leading experts – members of the Program Committee actively participated in the review so the quality assessment has been processed strictly and 138 articles have been promptly chosen in 19 sub-committees of the conference. In addition to reports from all parts of the country, there are two international reports made by the professor and expert from Canada and Japan regarding the themes of control and energy management of electric cars and optical technology in factory automation. Especially, there are around 50 articles related to the theme “Automation in the National Digital Transformation Program: Smart an Innovative”, VCCA 2021.


Mr. Duong Nguyen Binh answered the questions of press agencies.

Responding to the questions raised by newsmen, Mr. Duong Nguyen Binh, Standing Vice Chairman of VAA, Head of VCCA 2021 Organizing Committee said that the guiding ideology of VCCA 2021 event is to focus on scientific reports as well as presentations in Business Forum, following the conference’s criteria and closing to the 4th Industrial Revolution.

“We hope that the outcomes obtained in this event will have been applied in practice, helping businesses in all fields to develop, making practical contributions to the development of the science and economy of the country. In addition, VCCA is a premise for conferences and seminars that VAA have been requested by localities in the coming time regarding digital transformation in production, smart city, smart agriculture, start-up and innovation in accordance with the direction of the Party and Government”, Mr. Duong Nguyen Binh emphasized.

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