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Thứ ba, 29/03/2022 16:57 (GMT+7)

Binh Dinh: Promotion of science and technology proliferation

Binh Dinh – March 9, 16 and 18 2022, PUSTA joined with local research entities such as Quy Nhon Institute of Malariology, Parasitology and Entomology;

Agricultural Sciences Institute for Southern Coastal Central of Vietnam and Quy Nhon University to promote science and technology in the province.

The leader representatives discussed how to honor the title of typical intellectual in science and technology in Binh Dinh province for the fourth time in 2022; Vietnam Science and Technology Innovation Award 2022; the 13th Binh Dinh Provincial Technical Innovation Contest (2022-2023).


Leaders of Binh Dinh Union of Science and Technology Associations worked with leaders of Quy Nhon University

These agencies always focus on performing well the work of science and technology, actively participate in the province’s science and technology activities with a series of practical and effective themes of application.

The President of Binh Dinh PUSTA, Ms. Thanh Binh discussed with leaders of agencies about promoting the advantages of science and technology. In order to widely apply and spread research results to benefit the community, every year, agencies pay attention, encourage and urge their staff to participate in Technical Innovation Contest at provincial and central level, Vietnam Fund for Scientific and Technological Creations (VIFOTEC) Award; Honoring typical intellectuals in science and technology in the province …As a standing party, Binh Dinh PUSTA will give the guidance and support intellectuals participating in this activity. At first, agencies need to review their subjects who are eligible for regulations regarding typical intellectuals, then guide and urge them to participate in the activity of honoring typical intellectuals in 2022.

At the working session, Ms. Binh addressed a number of contents which should be considered to implement the signing ceremony in science literacy and technology proliferation promotion campaign amongst relevant actors in the province.

Ms. Binh also expressed her sincere thanks to the support of agencies during the past time, which provided a team of dedicated and responsible experts to participate in the work of consultancy and evaluation and judging the awards... In the coming time, Binh PUSTA wishes to continue cooperating more closely with agencies specializing in science and technology.

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