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2023-08-04 10:18

Ha Giang: Handing over clean water supply system funded by Denmark

On 2 days of April 26 and 27, in Ha Giang, a handover ceremony of clean water and directly drinking water supply system with information technology (IT) and education equipment, serving teaching and learning for ethnic minority students was organized.

Attendants of the handover ceremony were representatives of the Center for Sustainable Community Development (S-CODE) of the Southeast Asian Association for Scientific Research (S-CODE), the Union of Provincial Associations, the District Education and Training Department, the Commune People’s Committee and teachers, teachers and students of 2 Phu Linh Secondary School (Vi Xuyen district) and Thien Primary and Secondary School for Ethnic Minorities Luong (Bac Me district), etc.


Handing over clean water and directly drinking water supply systems

This is a small funded project by the Danish Spejderner Genbrug Association through the S-CODE Center for a number of schools in disadvantaged zone III communes of Ha Giang province, including: Projector system, 55-inch TV, computer manual calculation to better serve teaching and learning for teachers and school students in the current digital transformation period; At the same time, the system of clean water supply and direct drinking water was handed over, including: 01 clean water supply and direct drinking water work, 01 drilling well and water filter project to supply drinking water directly for more than 400 students, the teachers, teachers and officials and employees of each school; with a total project funding of 106.000 DKK (Danish Kua-ron), equivalent to 370 million VND.

After the handover ceremony, SCODE Center in collaboration with the Union of Provincial Associations and the school organized the program/game “Who is the Water Ambassador” to provide information, knowledge, raise awareness for students about the responsibility with the community to protect the environment, preserve and protect water resources, economical and efficient use of clean water, contributing to increasing access to clean water, ensuring health, sanitation and safety for students, teachers and local communities.

It is hoped that the project will be replicated in poor ethnic minorities of 2 districts: Vi Xuyen, Bac Me in particular and Ha Giang province in general./.

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