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2021-03-15 09:36

Invention of secondary school students to manufacture smart auto thermometer sold at 8 million VND

Invention of secondary school students to manufacture smart auto thermometer sold at 8 million VND

The New Year's class session of Nguyen Van Cu Secondary School (Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province) on February 22 has a strict medical control but it is implemented quickly without wasting manpower because a smart automatic temperature measure device invented by students of this school.

Nguyen Thanh Tai (left) and Nguyen Dien Nam with their own smart thermometer

Two students, one idea

Witnessing many teachers at Nguyen Van Cu Secondary School, where the two are attending, and teachers at many other schools have to stand long in front of the school gate to check temperature and offer hand sanitizer  sprayfor hundreds of students, Nguyen Thanh Tai (grade 8A1) and Nguyen Dien Nam (grade 9A4) came up with the idea of an automatic device, both measuring body temperature and antiseptic hand spray, and even controlling the number of students coming to class every day.

At a class at the end of 2020, student Nguyen Thanh Tai presented his idea to the form teacher and the physics teacher. Coincidentally, in this time the teachers also received the same idea from student Nguyen Dien Nam even though these two students did not know each other.

After listening to the presentation, the Rector Board of Nguyen Van Cu Secondary School agreed to support the two and designate teacher Le Thi Thuong guiding and helping two students to implement the project: “Automatic temperature measurement and sterilization combined smart attendance device”

After nearly 4 months researching, smart device was completed and put to the test making teachers surprised. The device accurately measures each student's body temperature, automatically sprays disinfectant when students put forth their hands, at the same time students’ fingerprints are recorded for school attendance.

“Before the device was completed and put to pilot in the school, we worried whether our idea works or not. However, when it is used daily in the school, every thing is perfect except few minor errors which we had not thought of at first, but we already fixed it”- said Tai.

The invention wins the first prize

This device works based on a built-in thermal sensor system, the power is connected directly to the grid or from a solar panel placed above for backup electricity in case of an outage

Operating principle of the auto smart device is very straightforward. A body temperature sensor is embeded in suitable part of the device ensuring it is higher than the average height of the student. Students stand 20 – 30 cm from the sensor, the sensor system can measure the body temperature, then displayed on the Led screen which is installed in front of the dashboard. Because the difference of each person’s height, a camera mounted on top of the device will record the image and automatically lower or elevate the eye of temperature sensor accordingly, the hose connecting the disinfectant tank inside the device will concurrently spray out a sufficient amount of solution for the students to wash their hands.

In addition, the device also integrates a fingerprint sensor which allows to scan students’fingerprint.

The whole process takes less than 5 seconds. Notably, all data on body temperature, fingerprints not only being shown on the screen but also transmitted to the school's server through Google Drive, helping the school to receive all students’ data without man power waste and significant effort.

According to these two students, the cost of the device is about 8 million VND.

Two male students with their invention

At the end of last January, this device has passed 121 projects to win the first prize in the Science and Technology Competition of the 2020-2021 school year for high school students in Binh Duong province, it also was selected to participate in the National Contest of Science and Technology which is scheduled to take place in March in Thua Thien - Hue province.

The two “Junior inventors” said that in the coming time they will focus on the equipment’s appearance making it look good and re-check the electronic system for reaching product completion in order to participate the national competition.

Ms. Duong Thi Hao - Principal of Nguyen Van Cu Secondary School cheerfully shared that the School was surprised, it is commendable that they have researched a human protective equipment in the complicated pandemic.

Ms. Hao added that this device will definitely be used at the school for students’ health check up. In addition, the school will coordinate with other agencies, units and schools to offer the use of this device.

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