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2018-11-19 11:16

Urgent necessity of creation of Ho Chi Minh city Museum of Natural History

In many advanced countries over the world, there has existed a developed system of natural history museums which make great significant contributions to local and international development of education, culture and scientific research.

A natural history museum is a very particular project of culture and science.   The Museum usually has a big scale and requires broad knowledge and good speciality of various fields.   The museum will be all-important storage facilities where preserve, collect, conduct research and exhibit precious natural specimens with a purpose of providing natural history information to the general public and a better understanding of the natural history at various level of knowledge.       The Museum will focus on development of scientific research and education, will gradually provide cultural enrichment to the General Public, and promote development of sustainability and tourism, and strengthen international relations.

Viet Nam  is one of the richest biodiversity countries in the World, unfortunately, up to now there has not been any natural history museum.   Therefore, since 1999 Science Technology Service and Production Corporation have studied and developed “the Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Natural History” with the criteria of being attractive and modern,  and interpreting cultural characters of Ho Chi Minh City.  The total budget capital of the first phase of the project (1999-2014) is estimated approximately US $97 millions.   The Museum will open in lately 2013 and will be further intensively invested in 2014 and onwards according to its planning.

In order to be able to push the project to be soon implemented Viet Nam Union of Science and Technology Associations and Ho Chi Minh City of People’s Committee have co-operated with a purpose of taking the best advantages of both sides.   Both sides have mutually agreed that the Ho Chi Minh City of People’s Committee is the project governing body and is responsible to provide a land of 30 hectares for the project in District 9, Ho Chi Minh City and to provide budget funds for the project pre-development site and investment preparation stage.    Viet Nam Union of Science and Technology Associations will be responsible for consulting professional work and the museum content, arranging non-refundable aids for the project and other assistance.

Eight years has gone by, it is not a long period of time but we would say we are proud of our achievements of the importance since we studied and developed the project.   This will be a basic foundation for us to further develop and build the Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Natural History which will be the everlasting heritage of the Nation.

Le Dzung
1. Pre-feasibility study outline “The Ho Chi Minh City Natural history museum“ project
2. Content overview of the Ho Chi Minh City"s Natural History Museum
3. International conference outline “Creation of Ho Chi Minh City"s Natural History museum project”:

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