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2021-12-20 08:24

Vietnam receives WIPO’s IP Youth Ambassador title

The recipients of this title are young Vietnamese inventors Do Trong Minh Duc born 2003, currently studying at Montverde Academy, Florida; Tran Nguyen Khanh An born 2006, 10 thgrade student at Dewey Schools, Hanoi and Nguyen Hoang Phuc born 2007, 9 thgrade student at Lycée français Alexandre Yersin, Hanoi. This group of school students is also known for their invention and successful development of the Vihelm helmet.

Viet Nam President Nguyen Xuan Phuc and WIPO Director General Daren Tang and the inventors of the Vihelm helmet (COVID-19 isolation helmet)

According to the inventors’ representative, “Vi” is “Vietnam”, and “Helm” is “Helmet”, so “Vihelm” can be translated as “Vietnam’s disease prevention helmet”. The helmet is continuously supplied air through virus filter, making it impossible for viruses to penetrate the helmet when worn. The helmet also has a fan ventilation system, preventing water vapor stagnation and obstruction of the wearer’s vision. One of the special features that made Vihelm an appropriate tool in disease prevention is the inclusion of a special pair of gloves inside the helmet that the user can put on from the outside. The result is that the respiratory system stays isolated from the external environment, but the hand can function inside the helmet to scratch an itch, rub eyes, or even eat food, maximizing comfortability.

In 2020, the product earned the Special Prize, the Gold Medal and made it to the top 10 best technology designs at the International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada, surpassing 600 other submissions from professors and scientists from various universities. The Vihelm helmet is also positively received from bodies such as the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Science and Technology, as well as attention and suggestion from doctors from Thong Nhat Hospital and Vinmec Hospital. The group also received encouragement from former Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc at TECHFEST Vietnam and Young Entrepreneur Forum 2020, who exemplified the creativity of Vietnamese youth in contributing to nation’s efforts in combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the young inventors, the group’s goal is to create multifunctional products that are perfected through multiple versions, capable of daily use, both outside and on public transport; maintaining convenience and comfortability for the user. The group hopes to receive assistance from authorities in publishing the source code and design freely, while simultaneously asking the international community to research and utilize Vietnamese intellect.

MOST Minister Huynh Thanh Dat considered the WIPO’s IP Youth Ambassador title to be both an honor and a driving force for young people in Vietnam and around the world to continue to spread the importance of intellectual ownership, as well as creativity and innovation in the school and in society. From which, they can raise youth and public awareness in respecting, protecting and effectively utilizing intellectual properties, innovating together to enrich the knowledge, cultural and technological foundations of Vietnam and the world.

Vietnam has always supported WIPO on its mission to incubate the seeds of innovation in the global intellectual ownership ecosystem. The innovation culture and intellectual ownership culture is the most important soft factor of the intellectual ownership ecosystem. Out-of-the-box thinking and innovative ideas from the young to be developed in the most optimal environment so that it can transform into great values for society. Young people need to be raised and educated with innovation culture in mind, encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone to pursue their passions, think bold, respect differences, take risks and be forgiving to failure. The innovation culture and intellectual ownership culture are new cultures that need to be disseminated widely within the community.

From the messages of the WIPO forum, Minister Huynh Thanh Dat hoped that Vietnamese youth always have an open mind to receive new concepts, dare to try and accept failures; work harder and smarter; be willing to change and be confident in themselves. The Minister emphasized on lifelong learning, owning knowledge, spreading great cultural values and passion for innovation in society and its role in the path towards success in the future for the young generation.


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