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Thứ ba, 29/03/2022 16:53 (GMT+7)

Binh Thuan: 2nd review the Province Planning toward 2030

Binh Thuan - March 9, 2022, Binh Thuan Provincial Union of Science and Technology Associations (Binh Thuan PUSTA) held a hybrid meeting on “Planning of Binh Thuan province for the period of 2021 and 2030, vision to 2050”

Attendants were members of Review Council, investors and consulting agencies. Dr. Luong Thanh Son – President of Binh Thuan PUSTA cum Chairman of the Review Council has chaired the meeting.


Scene of the online meeting

This is the second time when Binh Dinh PUSTA outlining the advantages and shortcomings which are mainly outstanding issues of the previous draft of planning report. Some contents need to be amended as they remain lengthy, lack of summary report and the maps in image format make it difficult for readers to follow; enclosed information cannot be disassembled, analyzed, commented, and evaluated thoroughly, especially considering the suitability and duplication of the organization and spatial arrangement of regions, domains, and objects of planning.

In addition, some contents remained lots of explanations, interpretations, details and duplication, not really ensuring the systematicity and logic of the report; the series of data collected in the report have not been clarified to evaluate the situation; many parts of the draft are incomplete in terms of data, cited sources, drawings and maps used in the report do not show sufficiently necessary information; the basis for planning and arranging documents is not really logical.

Besides, the planning method has not clearly specified the application purpose of each method and clearly stated the application results of each method shown in the planning; the assessment of current situation has not clearly shown the reality, especially the key sectors and fields that need attention, at the same time the results achieved in the past time have not been compared with the estimated targets so as to indicate the advantages, disadvantages, causes and lessons to serve as scientific basis for planning and appropriate planning orientation in the coming time; the projections in the plan remained general, and has not highlighted the development context of the world, region and the country that affects the province;

The attendants said that the argument to propose the province’s advantageous sectors and fields has not yet shown the scientific basis to argue which industries and fields are the advantages and key factors of the province to have suitable solutions and there has not been a comparison of correlations, trends and development levels of the province’s fields with others in the South Central Coast and Southeast region to promote the province’s own advantageous field; the growth model of the province has not shown the connection and integration of components, and aspects into the economic growth model of the province.

The formulation, determination of scenarios, options and selection of policies, and development model remained lack of credibility and persuasion due to the lack of clear arguments and achievability of the participating components; the spatial arrangement and development plan of fields have not yet clearly shown the resolution of bottlenecks in the development in the past time and in the future, especially the settlement of overlapping planning and orientation of spatial layout, development plan of fields...

The attendants at the meeting wish that through the draft of review report of the PUSTA and comments addressed by the members of Review Council, the consulting agency would change, and re-explain some information related to draft planning, such consulting agency would continue to amend and complete the draft of planning report before submitting to the competent authorities for consideration.

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