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2023-06-30 19:34

Bình Thuận: Finding Sustainable Tourism Development Solutions for the Province

On the morning of May 26, 2023, the Union of Scientific and Technical Associations of Binh Thuan province, in collaboration with Phan Thiet University, organized a seminar on "Sustainable Tourism Development in Binh Thuan Province: Current Situation and Solutions."

The seminar was attended by representatives of provincial departments and relevant agencies, tourism promotion units, associations, training institutions both within and outside the province, intellectuals in the tourism field, as well as faculty members, students of Phan Thiet University, and media organizations who attended and reported on the seminar.


Mr. Luong Thanh Son, Representative of the Vietnam Union of Scientific and Technology Associations, and a representative from Phan Thiet University, presided over the seminar.

The seminar included 11 presentations, out of which 6 reports were presented. The reports analyzed and clarified the achieved results, advantages, difficulties, and proposed sustainable tourism development solutions for Binh Thuan province in the coming period. The seminar particularly emphasized the factors influencing sustainable tourism development, such as infrastructure, tourism resources, tourism human resources, diversity of tourism services, local communities, and tourism promotion's positive impact on sustainable tourism development.

Regarding the current situation of sustainable tourism development, the reports highlighted some areas of concern, including the lack of diversified tourism products, factors affecting domestic and international visitor attraction, addressing land issues and conflicts between tourism development planning and titanium mineral exploitation planning, tourism infrastructure, the awareness of businesses and residents about sustainable tourism development, and beach waste management.


The participants proposed various solutions, focusing on key tasks for sustainable tourism development. These include the establishment of a Management Board for Mui Ne National Tourist Area, the development of a master plan for Mui Ne National Tourist Area until 2040 with a vision to 2050, the improvement of coastal transportation infrastructure, the promotion of digital transformation and the application of science and technology in the tourism industry, the implementation of stimulus packages to boost the tourist market, enhancing the role of state management agencies in tourism development, especially in attracting investment, land management, environmental protection, and ensuring security and safety for tourists.

Other proposed measures include tourism workforce training, diversification of tourism types and products, expanding the tourism area and effectively utilizing the tourism resources of each locality in Binh Thuan province, improving the quality of tourism services, renovating and preserving cultural and historical relics, scenic spots, and linking them with basic infrastructure investment to develop tourist attractions. The guidelines also focus on supporting and creating conditions for the development of craft villages serving tourism, promoting the development of handicrafts and souvenirs that showcase the unique characteristics of Binh Thuan province, researching new tourism products, developing markets, promoting and introducing tourism products, building tourism brands, and enhancing the awareness and role of businesses and the community in sustainable tourism development.

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