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2022-10-28 13:33

Digital transformation is an inevitable trend of journalism

On October 14, in Hanoi, The Vietnam’s Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) held a seminar titled "Digital transformation, multimedia communication - The inevitable trend of development in modern journalism".

Mr. Le Cong Luong - Deputy Secretary General and Head of Science, Technology and Environment Department - VUSTA and Mr. Le Thanh Tung, Head of Communication and Knowledge Dissemination Department – VUSTA, chaired the meeting.


Mr. Le Cong Luong - Deputy General Secretary and Head of Science, Technology and Environment Department – VUSTA delivered an opening speech

In opening remarks, Dr. Le Cong Luong - Deputy General Secretary and Head of the Science, Technology and Environment Department - VUSTA, said that the information boom has not only created opportunities but also a lot of difficulties and challenges for the press.

Digital transformation is the process of comprehensive change of individuals and organizations in ways of living, working, production methods to digital technologies. Digital transformation is not anyone's business. Digital transformation is building new regulations, and new ways of doing things. Society is also transformed to digital society; each person is associated with digital health, digital household registration, digital tax, etc. and the press cannot stand aside. Digital transformation is an inevitable process for survival and development.

In his presentation, Mr. Pham Bich San (Faculty of Multimedia Communication, Thang Long University) shared about what to write and how to write to provide new knowledge for readers, to contribute ideas and social questioning.

Transformation is a harmonious process that balances many factors. If you try to break through quickly without taking into account factors involved, the process can be even slower. Therefore, to convert successfully and swiftly, it is necessary to take into consideration the factors that need to be affected, instead of simply advocating for digital transformation and multimedia communication.


Mr. Pham Bich San, Faculty of Multimedia Communication, Thang Long University

According to Mr. Pham Bich San, in order to thrive on the basis of digital transformation and multimedia communication, journalism needs a number of sufficient conditions.

First, digital transformation and multimedia communication requires intensive investments, therefore, it is vital to have a stable branding and operation orientation of press agencies.

Second, arguments made in many cases are incomplete due to the high speed of digital and multimedia communication. In particular, interaction, the power of digital media, can have uncertain results. Hence, there is a need for a clear legal framework for digital and multimedia communications in such changing conditions, and particularly an effective judicial system with modern standards.

Journalist Dang Dinh Chan, Vietnam Integration Magazine, expressed that digital transformation in general and digital transformation of newspapers in particular is a new and difficult, even very difficult activity, because the media is always changing. However, in the context of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, digital transformation is an inevitable trend.

In fact, in today's competitive information environment, with sufficient content or not, it is very important for press agencies to innovate their communication methods and bring new experiences to readers through application of digital technology. Digital transformation, if successfully implemented, will help press agencies to comprehensively change the way they operate, manage, and apply technology in the production and distribution of content, as well as their approach to readers.

In the process of digital transformation in general, the press and media play an important role, with the mission of propagating properly, fully and promptly about the Party's guidelines and policies, the State's laws, creating consensus, social trust, and internal resources to successfully implement national digital transformation.

Moreover, in the current context, it can be said that digital transformation of the press is an indispensable requirement as readers tend to move away from traditional information platforms to new ones. Accordingly, news agencies have to change and adapt. If this can be done, the press will survive, possibly grow stronger.

According to journalist Dang Dinh Chan, each press agency needs to change the way it sees itself in digital transformation. Specifically, in the era of 4.0, the press is no longer a mere newspaper but a complex, a multimedia, multi-platform, multi-device news company, regardless of its size. Besides, the press must diversify the market, revenue sources and build a substantial newsroom so that there is no longer a tension between the old and new. It is also a matter of mindset.

When having the right mindset and desire for digital transformation, leaders of press agencies will learn and know how to create a new production process, new information products, associated with the team working in the field (who are trained with digital transformation), and even build up a culture in line with the digital transformation environment. This is an important internal force of press agencies.

Given this mindset and internal resources and the perspective of digital transformation, the construction of a modern, professional, multi-platform, multi-media press agency in line with the trend of digital technology development and digital communication is essential. Thereby, audience can access information in the digital environment according to their personalized needs anytime, anywhere, without restrictions on space, time, geographical location... However, press agencies must make a lot of effort and investment to reach the goals, and it is impossible to get it done overnight.


Mr. Le Thanh Tung, Head of Communication and Knowledge Dissemination Department - VUSTA

However, according to journalist Le Hong, journalists should not forget about professional ethics. "If we do not put the public interest first, not loyal to the truth, not transparent, and not honest in profession and content, success will not be achieved no matter how much multi-functional or innovative you are".

At the same time, journalist Le Hong affirmed that the press is a market but also a social institution whose influence can only be promoted positively when it is based on ethical standards. Only then will the press make its own mark in today's information world.

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