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2022-12-19 11:07

Forum of people with special abilities, cultural studies and spiritual sciences

On December 9 in Hanoi, thanks to approval of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Vietnam Union of Associations and authorities, the Institute for Research and Application of Human Potential organized the first international scientific conference on special human abilities with the participation of nearly 300 domestic and foreign delegates.


Overview of the conference

According to Prof. Phan Anh (Director of the Institute for Research and Application of Human Potential) giving the opening speech, this is the first international conference held in Vietnam in the field of Human Potential and Special Abilities to exchange scientific perceptions about human potential and special human abilities on the basis of achievements in the world in recent years in natural sciences, technological sciences and social sciences.

At the same time, the results achieved have been assessed in the research and application of special human abilities in Vietnam as well as in the world in recent years. Thereby cooperation and exchange relations between Vietnamese and other researchers have been expanded on issues of mutual concern towards better research and application of problems posed by life and the society. The first international conference on special human abilities held in Hanoi this year is a great honor for researchers and potential applications of human in Vietnam.


A delegate is speaking at the conference

With more than 30 presentations from domestic and foreign authors, Vietnamese authors had the opportunity to exchange perceptions, opinions and research results on the special ability of human beings in the fields of analysis, demonstration, demonstration and fresh presentations of some world scholars such as:

Neale Donald Walsch, one of the most famous American scholars on Spiritual science and special human abilities (author of Conversations with God); Dr. Pim van Lommel, a leading Dutch researcher in near-death science, (author of Consciousness beyond Life, The science of the near-death Experience); Dr. Nicole Charles , CEO Edgar Cayce's A.R.E (USA) gave a lecture on Edgar Cayce's A.R.E, and the extraordinary human abilities have been studied by Edgar Cayce's A.R.E organization for many years; Professor Peter van der Veer of Utrecht University in the Netherlands and Director of the Max Planck Institute for Research on Religion and Ethnic Diversity in Göttingen (Germany); Dr. B. Sivaramappa, M.Sc.Yoga, Vice President & CEO, Pyramid Mind Science Institute, Bengaluru (India)...


Delegates are discussing online at the conference

At the conference, Vietnamese scientists also gave many presentations on fields related to Vietnamese beliefs, quantum physics, application of holographic brain in spiritual science research, healing to special human abilities will be demonstrated as:

“Third eye” of the researcher Hoang Thi Thiem (gaining many international certifications); The ability to adjust blood pressure to zero of Professor Master Luong Ngoc Huynh (achieving many international certifications); the Painter Doan Viet Tien's ability to draw "multi-parallel consciousness" (gaining many international certifications) ...

Delivering a speech at the end of the workshop, Prof. Phan Anh (Director of the Institute for Research and Application of Human Potential) expressed sincere thanks to the authors who have contributed many articles of high scientific value based on their many years of research to participate in the conference.

“This is really a big festival for people with special abilities, people who study culture, spiritual science. This is a meeting of global integration to exchange information, academia, application and performance of special human abilities. It is a constant challenge for science to study and apply spiritual problems without end. The most comprehensive and pervasive integration of information in spiritual and social studies. It is regarded as a transaction applying international "Spiritual" theories, because successful perceptions and knowledge integration, whether or not published, are still doubts for both dialectic sciences, even religions and creeds remain silent and vain. Face-to-face friction with people with special abilities to sympathize and open the spiritual door, change perception, fight superstition, despise God-traffickers...” – Prof. Phan Anh said.


Delegates attend the conference

Right after this workshop, the Institute for Research and Application of Human Potential will celebrate its 10th Anniversary (IHP - 2012 - 2022) on December 10.

The Institute for Research and Application of Human Potential, formerly known as the Center for Research on Human Potential, was established in 1996, it has achieved a proud and joyful journey with participation of the people involved and dedicated over the past 25 years has contributed to clarifying the fields of spiritual scientific research, putting it into application with many social service units, community such as: Department of Parapsychology, Forecasting Science, Bioenergy, Research on Metaphysical Phenomena, Feng Shui Department, Oriental Culture, Mind Science, Data Information Center , Nursing Center, Zen Viet Center, Fingerprint Analysis Science Center, Testing and Counseling Center, Dai Nam Feng Shui Center, VLC Hai Phong Feng Shui Research and Application Center, Dowsing and Translation Club, Nourishment Club, Xuan Mai Bioenergy Club, Hanoi Unconscious Club, Human Potential Club, Ho Chi Minh City Human Potential Application Club…

With many scientific research topics and applications in social life, the Institute for Research and Application of Human Potential has constantly promoted research results, reformed the organization, selected talented people, only virtuous people who participate in the research and application of special abilities in a non-profit spirit can contribute and serve the people's community.

This is an occasion for the Institute for Research and Application of Human Potential to remember its gratitude, express gratitude to those who laid the foundation for the birth of this field and devoted themselves to Research - Applied activities in a devoted and persistent way such as the late Professor, Master and People's Teacher Pham Minh Hac; The late Professor Doctor People's Teacher Ha Hoc Trac; Prof. Dr. Phan Anh and many other intellectuals have remained at the forefront of the Institute's leadership since its establishment on November 14, 2012 until now.

In addition, the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Institute for Research and Application of Human Potential is also an occasion to honor those who have made great contributions in recent years and years. It is also an opportunity for the Institute to show its will, affection and gratitude to the forerunners, supporters, and creators, consolidate and maintain the development of the Institute since its inception, with the will of solidarity to go up in the direction of humanity, and peace; sympathize with and build a civilization of consciousness, the will to research and apply science to develop the country and people. Scientists, cultural researchers and spiritual scientists, together with many people with special abilities, bring psychology, epistemology and ethics to contribute to the country and the people.

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