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2022-10-28 13:25

Ha Tinh: Evaluation of the first commercial sturgeon farming model in the province

Ha Tinh Union of Science and Technology Associations (Ha Tinh Union) held an on-shore monitoring and evaluation on outcomes of the first large-scale commercial sturgeon farming model in the province, which has been implemented on the bed of the Ngan Truoi hydropower reservoir (Vu Quang district). Initial findings show an effective economic impact.


Leaders of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology and Ha Tinh Union visited the model

With the desire to create a new model for local people to learn experience and techniques on sturgeon raising, in early 2021, Ha Tinh Union conducted survey and evaluation on Ngan Truoi hydropower reservoir. Based on the outcomes of surveys and analysis on indicators, depth, environment and climate, Ha Tinh Union developed the project "Application of scientific and technical advances to build a model of commercial sturgeon farming in Vu Quang district”.

The model has been implemented by Ha Tinh Union in collaboration with Vu Quang Agricultural, Forestry and Fisheries Cooperative on the Ngan Truoi hydropower reservoir. Accordingly, the project supports 5,400 sturgeon breeds, weighing from 80-100g; feed, partial purchase of minerals and vitamin supplements. The remaining funds are matched by model owners upon request of the project.

 In September 2021 when the project started, the survival rate was 70% in the first 10 days and 50% in the growing phase, lower than the project's target (over 70%). The reasons were the long distance to transport breedings (from Lao Cai), temperature difference, and lack of experience of farmers.

More than one year into the project implementation, fish currently weigh from 2 to 3 kg. The actual selling price is from VND 200,000 to 250,000/kg. On the basis of analysis of economic efficiency, although the survival rate is low, the model brings high efficiency to farmers with a profit of more than VND 330 million/100 m2 in cages, equivalent to about 30-40% higher than traditional farming models.

The project shows successful trial on adaptation of cold water fish in harsh weather in the central region of the country. The reality shows that sturgeon has the ability to inhabit in Ha Tinh and particularly in dams and streams where the temperature is suitable. During the rearing process, sturgeon does not suffer from diseases.  Commercial fish is of good quality, well-received by consumers and sold at high price.

Upon the monitoring visit, the delegation highly appreciated the effectiveness of the project which brings not only direct values to farmers, but also changes in their way of thinking and doing, initially approaching science and technology in aquaculture, especially fish raising in cages on reservoirs.

From the model, Ha Tinh Union will make a report, and continue to adjust techniques, increase the ratio of surviving fish; conduct survey on other suitable locations in the province that have favorable conditions to consult, introduce and replicate sturgeon farming.

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