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2022-09-05 12:03

Responding to climate change must become the highest priority in all development decisions

The Government Office has just issued Document 231/TB-VPCP announcing the conclusion of the third working session of the National Steering Committee on implementation of the Vietnam's commitments at COP26.

Implementing the conclusions of the Steering Committee, members of the Steering Committee and agencies have completed a number of tasks such as building a draft scheme on tasks and solutions to implement COP26; the National Strategy on Climate Change to 2050; transport sector's action plan on green energy transition to reduce carbon and methane emissions; National Green Growth Strategy for 2021-2030; the Action Plan to reduce methane emissions by 2030 and a number of sectoral  action plans to carry out Vietnam's commitments at COP26.

Besides, more have been done in terms of developing and publishing a report on the potential of Vietnam’s offshore wind and wave energy; updating 2022 Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC); establishing a working group of just energy transition partnership; reviewing and finalizing the national electricity development planning for 2021 - 2030, with a vision to 2045 in line with the trend of green energy transition. Many ministries and branches have signed cooperation agreements and memorandums of understanding, actively exchanged with international organizations and international financial institutions to mobilize resources to implement commitments. Provinces also have actively involved in the Government’s strategy. A series of activities have been carried out by ministries, agencies and provinces to raise awareness on Vietnam’s commitments at the COP26 Conference, conducting assessment and survey on energy transition, identifying and clarifying local strengths and tasks to be accomplished in response to climate change in provinces. The business community immediately takes action to execute projects related to electric vehicles development, offshore wind power, green hydrogen production, biomass energy production, etc.


Concentrating resources on responding to climate change, promoting the shift of investment to low-emission economic development

Communications have been boosted to raise awareness and responsibility, to encourage and inspire the whole political system, ministries, localities, businesses and the public in climate change response.

Opportunities for sustainable development

To achieve the target of net zero emissions by 2050, the Steering Committee has made clarifications on some viewpoints and policies to implement tasks and solutions to fulfill Vietnam's commitments at the COP26, as follows:

First, adapting to climate change and realizing the net emission target of "zero" is an opportunity for sustainable development, a priority in development decisions, ethical standards of all levels of sectors, businesses and the public.

Second, the response to climate change is carried out on the principles of justice and equity, with a global and universal approach and with the support of synchronous policies, science and technology and innovation and promoting internal resources and international cooperation.

Third, responding to climate change is the responsibility and obligation of political system and the whole society; it also becomes the responsibility, duty and interest of all citizens. The State plays a leading role; people and enterprises play a central role and are the subject of implementation with the effective participation of socio-political organizations.

Fourth, implementing solutions with urgent, focused approach to mitigate vulnerability and strengthen resilience to the impacts of climate change; giving the highest priority to ensure safety and livelihoods for people in areas at risk of being severely affected; focusing on developing infrastructure to respond to climate change and energy transition based on of the potential and advantages of each region.

Fifth, focusing resources on responding to climate change, developing financial mechanisms and carbon markets, promoting investment shift toward low-emission economic development; strengthening public-private cooperation, promoting State's resources in order to attract of resources of organizations, businesses, individuals and international resources based on the principle of equality, cooperation and mutual benefit.

Sixth, implementing solutions to respond to climate change contributing to building an increasingly independent and self-reliant economy associated with proactive, profound and effective international integration; maintaining macroeconomic stability, controlling inflation and ensuring major balances of the economy.

Further accelerate “green transformation”

Given these perspectives, in the coming time, the Steering Committee will continue to implement the key objectives. Concretely for finalizing institutions, mechanisms and policies, the Steering Committee requests the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to review and monitor the implementation of the schemes, tasks and solutions of ministries and agencies and promptly report to the Steering Committee any emerging issues.

The Ministry of Finance works with Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to submit to the competent authorities for approval the scheme on developing the carbon market in Vietnam in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Environmental Protection in 2020; to propose a roadmap to apply carbon tax and related taxes to encourage the use of clean energy. The Ministry of Science and Technology proposes policies to enhance development, technology transfer and energy conversion industry; assigns tasks to businesses to research and manufacture equipment for energy transition and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The Ministry of Information and Communications develops a digital transformation program to respond to climate change, including green development.

The Ministry of Planning and Investment develops a strategy to encourage and attract businesses to respond to climate change, green transformation and digital transformation.

On the basis of state management functions, the ministries of Industry and Trade, Transport, Agriculture and Rural Development, Natural Resources and Environment issue detailed guidelines on greenhouse gas inventory, measure - report - appraise greenhouse gas emission reduction to ensure the content and progress in accordance with regulations on response to climate change in the Law on Environmental Protection in 2020, the Decree on mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions and protect the ozone layer.

Regarding the organization of a dialogue conference with development partners, the Steering Committee agrees with the content of the scheme on implementing the goal of achieving net zero emissions and energy transition as proposed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. Ministries and branches carry out the tasks as assigned in the scheme, focus on highlighting the results and clearly stating the specific needs of each ministry and branch to implement the commitments and making proposals to cooperate with international organizations and development partners.

Climate change is one of the serious challenges of humanity, affecting all aspects of global economy, politics, diplomacy and security. The 6th Climate Assessment Report, Working Group II (AR6 WGII) on “Impacts, Adaptability and Vulnerability” was published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in February 2022 pointed out the challenges of climate change.

Dr. Tang The Cuong - Director of the Department of Climate Change affirmed that "Actively responding to climate change, developing green economy, low-carbon economy, and mitigating GHG emissions" is one of the important contents of Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress. Resolution No.24-NQ/TW dated June 3, 2013 of the Central Committee of the 11th term stated that proactively responding to climate change is one of the crucial issues, greatly influence and determine the sustainable development of the country.

In the coming period, it is necessary to comprehensively implement solutions to respond to climate change in an effective and transparent manner, and at the same time, promote a green economy and a circular economy toward the target of a developed and high-income country by 2045 according to the Resolution of the 13th Party Congress. The finalization of policies and institutions is the top priority in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of State management as well as to promote the use of resources.

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