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Thứ ba, 07/06/2022 10:13 (GMT+7)

Suggestions for the national strategy on climate change till 2050

Ha Noi - April 15, 2022 - The Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) held a hybrid workshop to give observation to the National Strategy on Climate Change by 2050 under co-chairmanship of Mr. Le Duy Tien, VUSTA Deputy General Secretary cum DDG for Science, Technology and Environment and Ms. Duong Thi Nga, DDG for International Affairs.

Mr. Le Duy Tien emphasized that Vietnam is amongst the countries that struggle against the negative impacts of climate change. Adaptation to climate change and environmental protection are significant issues, having great influence, relationships, interactions, and deciding the sustainable development of the Nation. The Workshop is expected to timely gather experts’ observations and suggestions to the Draft National Strategy on Climate Change by 2050.


Mr. Le Duy Tien – VUSTA Deputy General Secretary gave the opening speech at the Workshop

At the Worshop, Ms. Chu Thi Thanh Huong, Head of Science, Technology and International Cooperation, MONRE’s Department of Climate Change outlined the  Strategy and noted that Vietnam considered responding to climate change is an urgent and vital requirement for the country's sustainable development, contributing to the implementation of global efforts under the Framework Convention of the United Nations and the Paris Agreement; Responding to climate change must be the key content of development decisions, harmoniously linked with environmental protection, disaster risk reduction, gender equality, and strengthening of resistance of natural and social systems, promoting low-carbon economic development towards carbon neutrality and taking advantage of the opportunities brought about by climate change, responding to climate change is the responsibility of the entire political system, every citizens  and the business community…

The Strategic Objective is to reduce vulnerability and risk to the impacts of climate change through enhancing the resistance and adaptive capacity of natural, economic and social systems, minimizing damage from natural disasters and extreme climate increases due to climate change; reducing greenhouse gas emissions to "zero" net emissions by 2050; improving the quality of growth and competitiveness of the economy, actively and responsibly contributing to the international community to protect the earth's climate system.


Experts gave observations and contributions to the Strategy

The Draft also sets out tasks on perfecting institutions, promoting potentials and resources to effectively respond to climate change. In which, focusing on building and perfecting mechanisms, policies and laws on climate change before 2030; communicating, improving awareness and attracting community participation in climate change response; developing human resources; making scientific research and technological development; mobilizing financial resources for climate change response; promoting international cooperation in response to climate change…

The attending scientists and experts offered suggestions for the contents, goals, tasks and solutions in the draft Strategy; programs and projects prioritized to be deployed from now to 2030; selection of emission reduction methods for the energy sector; tasks and solutions to concretize COP 26 commitments; production of goods that consume a lot of energy, enough for domestic demand, not for export; policy to limit the export of timber and wood products while ensuring the interests of forest owners; the State’s redemption of CO2 credits to ensure the national emission reduction target.

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