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2021-07-06 11:12

The inventions may settle the questions challenged by practice

The inventions hat come from practice

Among the topics and solutions awarded in the past time, some creative solutions are highly appreciated for their novelty, creativity and applicability; In particular, most of these creative solutions come from practice as well as contribute to solving problems posed from practice.

The inventor - physician Doan Van Khanh

The story of inventor - physician Doan Van Khanh (Director of Long Thuan Private Enterprise, Song Thuan Commune, Chau Thanh District), who is dubbed the "King of Pomelo" comes from "a rumor". According to Khanh, in 2006, rumors appeared that eating pomelo could cause a risk of breast cancer in women and consequently the harvested pomelo is unable to be sold out. This caused great damage to pomelo growers in Tien Giang province. Before that, he began to research and learn about the medicinal properties of pomelo trees in order to find ways to process them into useful products, both helping to increase value and breaking the deadlock for the gardeners. Over a year of researching, he successfully extracted pomelo flower oil and then pressed pomelo juice with many outstanding uses. These 2 products won the prize in the provincial contest (2008); at the same time, the solution: "Turning pomelo peel and flowers into essential oils to stimulate hair growth" was granted the Certificate of "Typical Vietnamese Creation" by the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations.

Master Pham Hong Thom is testing the patented solution

For master Pham Hong Thom (Director of Tan Phuoc Dong Mechanical and Automation One Member Limited Company, Phu Thanh Commune, Tan Phu Dong District), the author of the solution "Automatic CD Sawing Machine" (awarded the First Prize in the Provincial Contest and the Consolation prize in the National Contest in 2017) and many other creative solutions, the invention idea comes from the research process, approaching reality, he realized that the mechanical industry needs to attach with the electronics industry for creating a breakthrough in the automation of equipment, machinery and production lines to contribute to improving productivity, quality, lowering product costs as well as ensuring safety in the process of production and operation of equipment and machines.

Meanwhile, the person who is dubbed "Engineer without degree" - mechanic Duong Quoc Thai (Hau My Bac B commune, Cai Be District), his useful inventions (cotton tiller, embankment equipment, ditching equipment...) have contributed to solving problems posed by actual production in order to help improve labor productivity, save costs and reduce the polarization for farmers...   

Dr. Nguyen Xuan Thanh, Director of the Center for Environmental and Natural Resources Monitoring of Tien Giang, said that the inventions and solutions, whether by intellectuals or peasants, are very respectable; because they have linked scientific knowledge with practical activities and contribute to solving the needs and problems posed from reality .     

Evaluating the effectiveness of patented solutions

Engineer Nguyen Van Re, Vice President of the Union, Deputy Head of provincial Contest Organization Committee said, according to the Contest Rules, the effectiveness of a patented solution is assessed through 3 criteria: Novelty, creativity and applicability. In addition, the solution is also considered in terms of economic, social and environmental efficiency when deployed and applied in practice.

In fact, the patented solution can be assessed through the investment cost or the cost of using the product, the results of use, the operation; especially the acceptance of the market, the customers. For example, commenting on "Ditching equipment" by Duong Quoc Thai (winning the second prize of the Provincial Contest in 2019), many farmers inside and outside the province appreciated the efficiency of the equipment such as: In 1 hour, this equipment can dig over 1,000 meters of water ditches, 10 times more than manual digging, while the selling price is only 50-60% of imported products of the same type.

Or "Automatic CD saw blade grinding machine" invented by Master Pham Hong Thom (winning the Consolation prize of the Provincial Contest in 2019) is favored by customers across the country for a number of outstanding features, such as: It can grind many tooth profiles, saw pitches as required; the grinding speed can be adjusted at will; it can flexibly adjust the angle of tooth inclination during grinding; it has a tooth count system and the machine automatically stops when all teeth are sharpened...

Engineer Nguyen Thanh Tung performed the "Iron belt bender", which was invented by him .

Talking about the "Iron belt bender" invented by engineer Nguyen Thanh Tung, Mr. Nguyen Phan Truong Duy - owner of Bay Son Building Materials Shop (My Phong Commune, My Tho City), who ordered Mr. Tung to make the above solution excitedly said: “Previously, when it was done manually, I had to hire up to 3 people (to perform the stages: cutting, repairing, and bending) and every day only about 70 kg of iron belts were bent ( 800-1,000 iron belts of all kinds). Since I invested in a machine invented by Tung, I only need to hire one operator who may produce 400-500 kg of iron belts per day. Thanks to that, it will ensure that there are enough products to deliver to customers (about 2 tons of iron belts per week).

According to engineer Nguyen Van Re, the evaluation and verification of the effectiveness of solutions in the mechanical and automation fields are conducted intuitively and often faster than some other fields. For example, it is possible to evaluate the effectiveness of the "Automatic CD Sawing Machine" or the "Ditching equipment" through studying and observing the actual operation of the equipment and machines; meanwhile, to evaluate the effectiveness of using pomelo essential oils in treating hair loss, stimulating hair growth or losing weight, reducing blood fat... of pomelo juice products takes 1-3 months (depending on each user); At the same time, the author is also required to supplement some authentic evidence related to the product such as: Certification of test results of specialized agencies, comments of customers, supply contracts or list of customers who have used the product.  


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