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2020-12-25 14:50



                                                                   MSc. LE DUY TIEN

                                                Deputy Secretary-General cum Head of

                             Department of Science, Technology and Environment

Activities of scientific research, technology development, basic investigation, environmental protection and sustainable development are specialized fields in term VII (2015 - 2020) and the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) pays attention to and focuses on the implementation. This is also a field of expertise with great potential and strength to attract and gather a large number of scientific and technological intellectuals to promote their intelligence, capabilities and experience.

Although the State budget direct funds to scientific research, technology development and environmental protection projects of the VUSTA are not much, but with the creative and dynamic spirit of individuals, member organizations, subordinate science and technology (S&T) organizations in the system, we have mobilized various financial sources, gathered scientists to participate in research, application and transfer of technical advances. Over the past time, they mainly focus on the fields of agriculture, husbandry, environmental protection and sustainable rural development. During this term, these activities have achieved very encouraging results, as follows:

I.The results achieved in activities of scientific research, technology development, basic investigation, environmental protection and sustainable development of term VII(2015-2020)

In term VII, the member associations including the Associations of provinces/cities directly under the Central Government (Local Unions) and the national associations have carried out over 2,000 grassroots topics/projects, above 300 topics/projects at ministerial/provincial level, dozens of state-level topics/projects. Subordinate S&T organizations also actively participate in the implementation and bring research results to life in different fields, the most popular ones are in the fields of biology, agriculture, typically: the Applied Biochemistry Technology Center has researched and produced dietary supplements to support diabetes with the price of only 2/5 compared with imported types, the Center for Research and Development of Biochemistry Technology gave mass production of probiotics to help restore and improve coffee yields in the Central Highlands and has been widely commercialized. Currently, these products have been widely commercialized. A few other organizations have in-depth research works on fields requiring large investments such as information technology, electronics, telecommunications, biotechnology, typically: The Institute for Application of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells has studied stem cells; The Institute of Research and Support for Clinical Trial of Vaccines and Medical Biologics has studied and evaluated the safety of vaccines; Institute of Electronics Technology has researched to design polarized radar system for surveillance on the sea surface; The Institute of Science, Technology, Mechanics, Automation and Environment has researched equipment for coal mining... The organizations also actively publish information with thousands of scientific articles published in journals at home and abroad. In general, S&T organizations operate in the direction of applying scientific research results or focusing on fields that require little funding and do not require large investment in facilities such as: social sciences, education, gender issues, children, society, policies for human rights, or pressing issues with the people such as forestry - agriculture, land allocation, forest allocation. Only a few very strong S&T organizations participate in research on environment, climate change adaptation, sustainable development... S&T organizations have also linked and cooperated with businesses to quickly bring research products into production, commercial business for life.

In addition to the research and implementation of topics, projects, the organization of conferences, seminars and seminars has also been focused, hundreds of seminars and scientific conferences at different levels have been held. In particular, there are seminars, scientific conferences or major events of national industry associations held annually at the national level, typically conferences: National Conference on Hydromechanical Mechanics of Vietnam Association of Mechanics, National Conference on Automation and Control of Vietnam Automation Association and many prestigious international scientific conferences such as international conferences. of the Vietnam Association for Urban Planning and Development, International Conference on Materials Science and Nanotechnology and International Conference on Photonics organized by Vietnam Physics Association, International Conference of High Technology on electronics and communications... Conferences and seminars have attracted hundreds of prestigious domestic and foreign scientists... This is also an activity that has a positive impact on the gathering of intellectuals to participate in S&T development and environmental protection of the country.

Regarding the socialization of S&T and environmental protection activities, in the past term, the VUSTA at the central and local level, together with the national industry associations and subordinate S&T organizations have made many positive contributions. Many projects on natural resources investigation and environmental impact assessment, projects on environmental protection, animal and plant conservation have been carried out;  many media campaigns on the environment with thousands of panels, posters, banners have been directly organized;  hundreds of models of environmental protection, response to climate change, conservation and exploitation of natural resources with the participation of the community have been built and implemented; many models of protection and sustainable exploitation of water resources, models of clean energy (solar power, wind power ...) have been developed. Environmental protection activities are the duty of the entire population, thus raising awareness for the community is an important activity of the system, which has performed a number of environmental awareness raising tasks for people and relevant organizations such as: Raising awareness of environmental protection and sustainable development for socio-political-professional organizations, raising awareness for indigenous peoples about biodiversity conservation and indigenous medicinal plants propaganda and organization of clean green campaigns, implementation of activities related to the celebration of the occasions: Vietnam Science and Technology Day, May 18, 2016; World Environment Day June 5, International Day for Biodiversity May 22, participating in Vietnam Environment Award...

Activities of scientific research, technology development, environmental protection and sustainable development of the Vietnam Union have recently grown in breadth and depth, beginning to expand links and connections with other enterprises to quickly bring technical advances, research results into production and life. Although certain results have been achieved, contributing to social stability, national economic development and system development, however, this activity has not yet achieved high outcome as expected, is not commensurate with its potential of nearly 2.2 million intellectuals currently in the system in 152 member associations and over 500 subordinate S&T organizations.

To implement Conclusion 93-KL/TW dated November 20, 2020 of the Party Central Secretariat on continuing to implement Directive 42-CT/TW of the Politburo term X, implementing Resolution 27-NQ/TW dated August 6, 2008 “ Building a strong intellectual contingent is to directly raise the nation's intellectual level, the strength of the country, improve the Party's leadership and the operational quality of the politic system. Investing in building the contingent of intellectuals is an investment for sustainable development” in the coming time, in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution aiming to become a developed country by 2045, then the role, the core position and intellectual contribution, the strength of the team of scientific and technological intellectuals of the VUSTA system contributing to the driving force for socio-economic development are extremely important. Therefore, we would like to propose a number of recommendations and solutions to further promote scientific and technological activities and to protect the environment of the VUSTA in the coming time.

II. Proposals and recommendations to promote scientific and technological activities and environmental protection of the VUSTA

We would like to propose some recommendations for term VIII as follows:

1. To actively work for the XIII Party Secretariat to approve the "Project on strengthening the organizational apparatus of the VUSTA" as a socio-political organization, a representative of the contingent of Science and Technology intellectuals of Vietnam.

2. To continue to promote the consolidation of the organization and apparatus of the central agencies, as well as the member organizations, to attract many young, enthusiastic, qualified and knowledgeable staff to join the system, propose financial mechanisms and policies for intellectuals; To constantly improve the organization's capacity to undertake and receive large-scale topics, projects and works from the State and enterprises.

3. To closely cooperate and coordinate with the Ministries of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to continue supporting and directing relevant departments to help and coordinate with local associations on performing the tasks of science and technology, environmental protection, and response to climate change.

4. To renovate the forms of operation, strengthen the linkage and coordination among the organizations in the system according to each specialized field, actively engage with businesses, especially large corporations to deploy the research, application and transfer of new technologies to contribute to the development of the technology market; The central agency of the VUSTA must act as a hub connecting, coordinating and harmonizing among members and organizations in the system, promoting cooperation with ministries, branches and organizations to promote S&T innovation and intellectual-honoring activities.

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