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2022-06-07 09:55

Tri Thuc Publishing House launch e-book publishing system

Ha Noi - April 1, 2022. Tri Thuc Publishing House held the launching event for an e-book publishing system. This is a result of digital application to better disseminate science literacy in digital society era.

At the launching, Ms. Pham Thi Bich Hong, VUSTA Deputy Director General for Communication and Knowledge Dissemination noticed the development trend of e-book which is widely very popular in the near future. Thereby, the Publishing House ran 2 projects including the cooperation with Fonos Joint-stock Company, a favorite provider of audiobook in Vietnam. So far dozens of the best qualified books of the Publishing House has appeared on FONOS audiobook platform, bringing good and valuable publications of the Publishing House to a wide range of readers.


Mss. Pham Thi Bich Hong, VUSTA DDG for Communication and Knowledge Dissemination cum Director of Tri Thuc Publishing House

Tri Thuc Publishing House has implemented the project of publishing e-books. After many months of implementation and through the cooperation with Vietnam VHMT Technology Joint-stock Company, Knowledge Publishing House has completed e-book distribution system, providing readers with an online reading platform in 2 versions of application for reading, buying and looking up books on mobile apps and on the website

For the electronic publishing system, the Publishing House officially publishes 2 versions or paper books and e-books, which bring reader more options with cheaper costs, better quality books and access more readers, said Ms. Hong.

At the ceremony, the VUSTA President Phan Xuan Dung said that in response to the need of developing reading culture together with the digital transformation in the field of publishing, The Publishing House has quickly deployed the publication of e-books based on the most advanced and modern applications at present.

E-book publishing application is based on modern technology devices, for Android and iOS operating system, providing customers with useful and convenient, fast and accessible experiences at any time and from anywhere.


VUSTA President Phan Xuan Dung gave a speech at the launching

At the launching ceremony, the Publishing House officially pressed the button to launch the e-book publishing system on two versions of mobile app and the website

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