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10 notable events of the vietnam union of science and technology associations in 2021

1. “Hero of Labor during Đổi Mới period” awarded by the President of S.R Viet Nam to the former VUSTA leaders and scientists

April 22, 2021, H.E President Nguyen Xuan Phuc presented the award the “Hero of Labor during Đổi Mới period” to the late Prof. Dr. Vu Tuyen Hoang, VUSTA President of office term IV and V (1999 - 2008) and Distinguished Researcher Truong Hoang Chuong. Also the Third Class Independence Medals were also awarded to 03 former VUSTA leaders in office term VII.

This is a token of recognition and appreciation from the State, not only to the individuals that received the prestigious awards, but also to the scientists and technologists as a whole, creating motivation and boosting morale for them and VUSTA to continue to fulfill their roles, stay united and utilize the scientific and technological potential of the nation.

  1. National Convention “Vietnam’s scientists and technologists in executing the 13th Party Congress’s Resolution”.

In September 15, 2021, the National Convention “Vietnam’s scientists and technologists in executing the 13th CPV Congress held by VUSTA welcomed H.E Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh.

This is the largest convention ever held by VUSTA. The hybrid Convention was held offline in Hanoi and virtually connected to 62 locations at different provinces and municipalities. Attending the Convention in Hanoi were 15 Politburo Members, Secretariat Members, Central Committee Members who are leaders of the CPV, the Government, the Vietnamese Fatherland Front, leaders of central departments, agencies and committees of the National Assembly. Central Committee Members and Provincial Presidents and Vice Presidents were present at other provinces.

 The convention is a board political event for the Vietnamese scientists and technologists who, under CPV leadership, aim to execute Resolution adopted by the Thirteenth Party Congress effectively; fulfill their roles in modernizing and industrializing the nation; and show their loyalty to the CPV in the Ho Chi Minh era.

  1. 05 VUSTA representatives were elected Members of the National Assembly at the 15th Legislature and 15 others were elected Members of Provincial People’s Councils for the 2021-2026 term.

05 scientists and technologists, namely the VUSTA President and heads of national associations were elected Members of the 15th National Assembly. Furthermore, 15 VUSTA members were elected Members of Provincial People’s Councils for the 2021-2026 term.

Vietnamese scientists and technologists expect that these members of the People’s Councils will fulfill their role as the representative of the People, become the voice of the people in the field of science and technology, and actively contribute to the development of the nation and of VUSTA.

This event illustrates the voters’ faith for the elected members in representing the field of science and technology in central and local authorities.

  1. Innovating, improving work quality and efficiency of VUSTA

In following the guidance of the CPV according to Conclusion No. 93-KL/TW dated November 11, 2020 by the Secretariat on following Directive No. 42-CT/TW “On continuing to innovate, improve work quality and efficiency of the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations in this period of increased industrialization and modernization”, VUSTA Party Commissioners worked with Provincial Committees of Lai Chau, Son La, Ninh Binh, Bac Giang and Ha Giang provinces.

Hosting the event were Central Committee members and Provincial Committee members, and attending the event were provincial Standing Committee, People’s Council, People’s Committee and Fatherland Front members, and heads of relevant departments. This is the evidence of the appreciation of the authorities given to the VUSTA intellectuals. The work sessions consisted of many activities, among which were cooperation, unity, commemoration and fulfillment of the roles of local scientists and technologists in the current climate.

In 2021, VUSTA published the VUSTA Q&A Journal for the first time to provide relevant departments and readers the most accurate information about VUSTA, a sociopolitical organization for scientists and technologists. This document was sent to CPV leadership, the Government, Central departments and ministries, and provinces nationwide and in the VUSTA system.

  1. Domestic and international cooperation and agreements

In 2021, the VUSTA Presidium’s standing committee signed 04 cooperation agreements with the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Science, Technology and Environment Committee of the National Assembly, the Ethnicity Committee of the National Assembly and the Korea Federation of Science and Technology. This event created more mechanisms, resources and conditions to further fulfill the role VUSTA, its member organizations and affiliated science & technology organizations.

After the signings, the VUSTA have conducted rapidly activities such as: (1) Sending cooperation details to member organizations and departments; (2) Finalize cooperation plans and implement them; (3) Co-host conventions and conferences.

  1. Social counseling, argument and examination deepens

In 2021, social counseling, argument and examination were implemented actively since the beginning of the year and showed great depths, with many notable results. VUSTA counseled on: 03 land, sea and air traffic network planning projects for the 2021-2030 period with visions for 2050; 04 science and technology development, innovation and intellectual development strategies for the 2021-2030 period, digital economy and society, biodiversity for 2030 with vision for 2050; the Draft Petroleum Law (amendment) and Draft Land Law (amendment). Through the conventions and conferences, VUSTA counseled, argued and contributed its objective, scientific opinions to projects, strategies and Draft Laws that are influential to science and technology development, as well as national socioeconomic development.

What is notable in gathering expert opinions was the presence of departmental and ministerial leadership: Minister of Science and Technology, Minister of Transport, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, President of the Science, Technology and Environment Committee of the National Assembly, President of the Ethnicity Committee of the National Assembly. Their presence showed their respect and willingness to receive opinions from VUSTA scientists regarding the nation’s critical matters.

  1. Honoring intellectuals over the struggles and impact of Covid-19

-Vietnam Gold Innovation book introduction ceremony in commemorating the 76th anniversary of the founding of the Social Republic of Vietnam with 76 selected works was hosted by VUSTA, in collaboration with the Vietnamese Fatherland Front Committee and the Ministry of Science and Technology. This is an annual event that celebrates, exemplifies and affirms the creativity, intellect, and patriotism of the Vietnamese people in the field of science and technology, contributing in the innovating culture of the Vietnamese people.

- Science and technology youth competition award ceremony hosted by VIFOTEC has attracted participation from individuals and organizations nationwide. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, many works and products still displayed innovation and creativity in the field of science and technology.

- At a local level, science and technology competitions were hosted and received positive results.

- From organizations nationwide: The Vietnam Urban Planning Awards, Vietnam Digital Awards, Loa Thanh Awards… were awarded by VUSTA and its member organizations in the past few years.

  1. Strengthening bonds among VUSTA and member organizations, local associations and other science & technology organizations

- The conferences “Cooperation and development meeting of 2021: science & technology organizations overcome challenges, transform modes of operation, respond to the Covid-19 pandemic, work towards sustainable development”, “Sustainable cooperation and development of the Mekong Delta”, Meeting with national associations, Meeting with local associations… are hosted by VUSTA to further strengthen its role as the connection among these organizations and regulate VUSTA’s activities with member organizations and affiliated science & technology organizations.

  1. New development in press and publication; obliging by orders from superiors

- April 27, 2021, the “Literacy and Life” press agency was introduced. It is the official newspaper of VUSTA after the Press development planning. Though still in its infancy, the agency is slowly working regularly.

- The Tri Thuc Publishing House had its leadership consolidated and a new Director was appointed. This event showed the close supervision that the overseeing organization has on the publishing house after a “hiatus” and it is now operating correctly.

- VUSTA Party Group and Regular Presidium worked with the Central Propaganda Department, Ministry of Information and Communication, Vietnam Journalists Association and relevant departments to discuss VUSTA press activities. After the event, Comrade Nguyen Trong Nghia, Central Secretariat Member, Head of the Central Propaganda Department concluded on the press activities of VUSTA press agencies (Announcement No. 115-TB/BTGTW dated November 4, 2021 by the Central Propaganda Department). This event showed the close supervision that the CPV has on the press activities of VUSTA. 

Following this order, VUSTA hosted 2 conferences for Editors-in-chief of journals by national institutions and associations; conducted assessment of the VUSTA press system and constructed a plan on improving press efficiency in the future.

  1. Scientists and technologists answering the CPV’s call to combating the Covid-19 pandemic

- Scientists and organizations within VUSTA actively research and apply products of science and technology in preventing and treating Covid-19; spread awareness on Covid prevention guidance and regulations; exemplify Covid-19 doctors and first responders; host conventions and forums to gather expert opinions on disease control measures and socioeconomic development solutions in the new “normal”.

- Billions of VND, millions of masks, medical equipment and other actions were contributed by Vietnamese scientists and technologists in doing both Covid-19 prevention and socioeconomic development.

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