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2022-08-26 14:38

Binh Thuan: Connecting product consumption in the One Commune One Product Program

July 15, 2022: The Provincial Union of Science and Technology Associations in collaboration with Phan Thiet University held a conference on "Connecting trade and product consumption in the One Commune One Product Program (OCOP) in Binh Thuan Province.


(Chairs of the Conference)

The conference was chaired by Dr. Luong Thanh Son - Chairman of the Provincial Union of Science and Technology Associations, Associate Professor - Dr. Dinh Phi Ho - Vice President of Phan Thiet University; leaders of the Department of Industry and Trade, Department of Science and Technology, and Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Reports presented at the conference analyzed the implementation and highlighted results of the OCOP Program in the province, including results of promotion of and support for consumption of OCOP products; support of the protection of intellectual property of OCOP products; encouragement of participation of agencies and organizations in the production and consumption of OCOP products; solutions to development of OCOP products in the coming time. In addition, delegates attending the conference also identified difficulties and challenges in the implementation of the OCOP Program and worked out solutions to sales of OCOP products of the province in the coming time.

OCOP is a rural economic development program toward home-grown and value-added development. The Program focuses on strengthening the advantages of localities alongside the value chain, enhancing the value of products and competitiveness, thereby generating incomes for rural people. This is an important program to promote advantageous agricultural and non-agricultural produce and services alongside the value chain of localities. Despite falling behind in implementation, 2 years into the execution of the Program, Binh Thuan has achieved positive results and become a driving force for rural economic development, creating quality products, linking the value chain with product consumption, meeting market demand, creating jobs, increasing incomes for people and significantly contributing to the National Target Program on Building New Rurality. Currently, the province has 70 OCOP products, of which 02 are recognized to meet 5-star OCOP standards, 08 are 4-star OCOP standards, 14 products are 3-star OCOP standards or above.

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