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2024-04-30 15:52

Signing Ceremony for Reducing Emissions by 1 Billion Tons of Carbon per Year

On April 9 in Ho Chi Minh City, the QCC Center - under VUSTA and Tin Thanh Group host a signing ceremony for reducing one billion tons of carbon emissions per year and announced the launch of a global carbon credit NFT trading platform.


Director of QCC Center Ta Quang Kien and Chairman of Tin Thanh Group Tran Dinh Quyen at the signing ceremony

According to the ceremony organization board, during the measurement and reporting sessions for greenhouse gas inventories for Tin Thanh Group projects, experts and technicians conduct measurements to collect data at emission sources and sinks, as well as gather energy consumption figures to ensure the principles of inventory reporting are adhered to.

Along with measuring and reporting, QCC Center and Tin Thanh Group have signed a cooperation agreement to commercialize carbon credits on the Singapore trading platform. This agreement lays the foundation for Vietnamese enterprises to buy and sell carbon credits on the international market.

As a result, Vietnamese corporations find it easier to approach carbon credits through the international trading platform, contributing to the national goal of addressing climate change. Commercializing carbon credits brings explicit benefits to export businesses. By engaging in the carbon credit market, companies can effectively reduce their carbon footprint, thereby enhancing their environmental credibility and maintaining competitiveness in the international market.


Representative of the World Energy Council in Vietnam Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy and Chairman of Tin Thanh Group Tran Dinh Quyen at the signing ceremony

Within the framework of the ceremony, WEC Vietnam has offered its assistance to develop and promote the activities of QCC Center and Tin Thanh Group. Through this commitment, WEC Vietnam engages with the programs and plans of the World Energy Council and collaborates with council members to advocate for investment in energy projects aimed at enhancing the capacity of Vietnamese enterprises to transition to green and sustainable development. This is in line with the commitment to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

According to The Chairman of Tin Thanh Group Tran Dinh Quyen, in an era where environmental responsibility is increasingly becoming the top priority for consumers and investors, applying credit carbon can help businesses differentiate themselves in terms of CSR and expand their market vision. Tin Thanh Group has announced carbon credit trading on the Singapore market and activated NFT trading. This is the result of applying digital technology and transformation in business operations, as well as utilizing blockchain technology in carbon credit trading. Enterprises will receive TTG NFT through one of the largest NFT trading platforms in the world, providing convenient trading with many benefits for Tin Thanh Group's customers.


Chairman of Tin Thanh Group speaks at the ceremony

Partnering with TTS brings dual benefits of reducing carbon emissions and opening up new opportunities for trade and investment. By utilizing TTS, enterprises can collectively reduce carbon emissions by up to billions of tons annually, contributing to climate-change-related goals.

Furthermore, TSS also facilitates transparent and effective trading of carbon credit globally, pioneering in integrating NFTs into carbon credit transactions. This innovative approach not only enhances the liquidity and traceability of carbon credit but also opens up new chances for sustainable finance and investment. By accepting carbon credit, businesses increase their competitiveness in the global market, contributing to the collective effort to address climate change - said Tran Dinh Quyen.

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