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2022-12-06 16:25

Hue: Training on HIV/AIDS prevention and control skills for staff of the Youth Union

The Department of HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control - Center for Disease Control of Thua Thien Hue province has organized a training on communication skills on HIV/AIDS prevention and control at the University of Arts - Hue University.


Overview of the training session

The training session attracted nearly 100 students. At the training session, the representatives of the CDC Thua Thien Hue delivered useful contents to the students such as: HIV/AIDS epidemiological situation in the province; general knowledge about HIV/AIDS; communication skills on HIV/AIDS prevention and control; introduce and update infection status in high-risk behaviors (Men who have sex with men - MSM); give instruction on website and self-testing with saliva at home. The organizational board also distributed accessible leaflets related to the training content for participants.


The students enjoyed the training session.

The core force participating in this training session including class officers, union officers and presidents of clubs, teams, groups, the organizational board hoped that they would become the nucleus to continue spreading the information and knowledge and help students improve their understanding about HIV/AIDS prevention and control at the school.

The student Le Ba Dong Phuong said: “This training session is very meaningful for us. Although we already know about HIV/AIDS through media, there are many things we still don't really understand. Thanks to this training session, being able to directly listen to issues related to this disease, which help us have a deeper and clearer view. This is a good experience for us to protect ourselves and our loved ones from this disease”.


Staff of the Department of HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control - Center for Disease Control of Thua Thien Hue province shared about HIV/AIDS.

HIV/AIDS is a threat to humanity in general and young people in particular. Preventing and controlling the spread of this pandemic is the responsibility of everyone and every social organization. The Party and State have also promulgated the Law on HIV/AIDS prevention and control and determined that this is a fierce and long-term struggle that needs to promote the strength of the whole society, in which the youth always play as volunteering force, the most important leading force.

At the training session, key union members had a deeper approach to HIV/AIDS and a better understanding about the harmful effects of HIV/AIDS in life, its causes, transmission routes and ways to prevent the disease, thereby raising their own responsibility for this danger, at the same time joining hands with the community to help people living with HIV/AIDS and have a friendly view of people living with HIV/AIDS.


The content of HIV/AIDS prevention and control in the activities of the unions.

Through the program, the Union – Association of the University implemented and included the content of HIV/AIDS prevention and control into the activities of the unions and branches and this became an indicator of the quality assessment at grassroots level in the school year.

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