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2021-02-22 11:02

Science and technology is the driving force for development

The Union of Science and Technology Associations of Cao Bang province (Cao Bang Union) has 22 member associations, with over 130,000 members, of which more than 5,000 members are intellectuals, accounting for over 35% of intellectuals of the whole province, gathered 70 experts in science, technology and social consultancy and evaluation activities.

Speaking to, Engineer Hoang Thi Binh - President of Cao Bang Union said that during the past years, Cao Bang Union has focused on promoting research, application of science and technology activities making positive contributions to local socio-economic development. Collaborate with departments, agencies, and other organizations to successfully organize two technical innovation contests with 80 solutions, of which 58 solutions won provincial awards, 2 solutions won consolation prizes nationwide. The contest has promoted the movement of good and creative workers in all classes of people, especially the business sector who has applied effectively solutions in production and business.

Engineer Hoang Thi Binh - President of the Cao Bang Union

In addition, Cao Bang Union also successfully coordinated to organize 5 National Youth and Children Creative Contest in Cao Bang province with 1,100 prototypes. In which, there were 282 awarded at the provincial level; 10 at national level. Cao Bang Union has put more efforts to organize the event for “Creative movement in agriculture and rural areas" with 40 solutions and ideas awarded. The event has contributed to promoting people's creative ideas, offering technical solutions for agricultural and rural development in association with community tourism development. Successfully building up models of scientific and technical transfer in agriculture and rural areas, such as: models of growing Huong sticky rice, Si Pat sticky rice, and Ong sticky rice; revitalizing varieties, applying advanced farming techniques, building trademarks; peanut and high quality pure rice production; application model of Phu My fertilizer in rice production and fruit trees.

The model of linking farmers, enterprises, scientists and the State is not a new concept in agricultural production. However, the implementation the model of for local agricultural products is still unfamiliar to many people. Realizing that Cao Bang is a mountainous province with many unique special plants and animals, engineer Hoang Thi Binh has proposed the scientific project the model of linking farmers, enterprises, scientists and the State for Huong sticky rice products Bao Lac (Xuan Truong commune, Bao Lac district), Pi Pat Cao Bang sticky rice (Hung Dao commune, Cao Bang city), Ong Trung Khanh sticky rice, high quality pure rice (Cai Bo commune, Quang Uyen district) and Lac (Phu Ngoc commune, Ha Quang district). To implement this project, engineer Hoang Thi Binh and her colleagues organized a training course to transfer science and techniques with the participation of over 1,500 farmers; building production models in communes of project site; and branding and consuming commodities.

Engineer Binh shared that the model for the local specialty agricultural products was her passionate project because it is applied and brings high yeilds and profits for farmers. The model is duplicated in many other communes as well as expands its production areas. Typically, Ong sticky rice products planted over 40 hectares at first, expansion in cropping area at Trung Khanh district reaching nearly 200 hectares; other products have been also expanded by the farmers. Happily, all project products have been provided with brands in the market and expanded production areas, contributing to improving income for farmers...

In the 2020-2025 term, engineer Binh said, Cao Bang Union determined to focus on implementing some of the following key tasks: consolidate and develop the organization, improve quality of activities, maintain the role to regulate and coordinate activities between Cao Bang Union and its members in order to promote the creativity of the intellectual team in the Association’s participation; promote the tradition of patriotism and revolution, improve professional ethics and professional qualifications for members in order to better meet the requirements of tasks; actively participate in implementing socialization activities in the fields of science and technology, education and training, health, environmental protection, poverty alleviation; strengthen the dissemination of knowledge among the people, contributing to bringing scientific and technical advances into production and life; focus on improving the quality of Cao Bang Union's social consultancy and evaluation activities; participate in the Provincial Science and Technology Council; actively participate in scientific research and technology development activities.

VUSTA handed over the leading-unit flag to Cao Bang Union

To recognize outstanding results of Cao Bang Union, VUSTA awarded the Medal for the Cause of Science and Technology to 10 individuals, emulation flag for the leading unit to Cao Bang Union, certificates of merit to 5 collectives and 5 individuals. Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee awarded Certificates of Merit to 2 collectives and 4 individuals. Cao Bang Union awarded certificates of merit to 5 collectives and 7 individuals with excellent achievements.

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