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2023-06-27 10:23

Thai Binh: Environmental education on reducing, sorting and recycling plastic waste

From February 9 to 24, 2023, the Provincial Union of Science and Technology Associations organized 07 environmental education programs on reducing, sorting and recycling plastic waste; Disseminating the Rules of the Creative Contest for Adolescents, teenagers, children for nearly 6,000 students of primary and secondary schools in the province.


Plastic waste, including plastic bags, bottles, plastic cups, disposable plastic straws, etc., are utensils and items made from plastic and are no longer worth using. The lifespan of plastic materials can take up to 200 years to decompose. Plastic waste existing causes harmful to environment, especially harmful to human life. Vietnam is currently considered to be one of the major plastic polluters in the world. The inherent impact due to plastic waste on living environment of people is significant. Therefore, joining hands to segregate waste at source and recycling plastic waste is the shared responsibility of the whole community.

Teachers interact directly with students at the training class

At the program, the students were guided how to recycle plastic waste into useful items according to sustainable recycling methods such as using plastic bottles as brooms, flower pots, pen holder, book holder, plastic bottle cap for needle threading… The program aimed to arouse students' interest, helping them promote sustainable consumption habits for plastic products in daily life according to the 4R principle (Reject - Reduce - Reuse – Recycle). Since then, they will become active young ambassadors to transfer the spirit of the program in the community, which will help mobilize everyone to participate in activities to reduce plastic, practice green consumption, mitigate plastic waste, and change behavior to reduce the use and consumption of single-use products.

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