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2022-10-10 14:54

Two books of Tri Thuc Publishing House won the 11th Good Books Awards in 2022

The Good Books Awards 2022, held in Ho Chi Minh City in the morning of September 18, by the IRED Institute, the Good Books Reading Promotion Project and the OpenEdu Initiative, honored 14 outstanding works in 7 categories including: Research, Education, Economics, Administration, Literature, Children and New Discoveries. 02 out of 14 honored works are published by Knowledge Publishing House.


Good Books Awards (GBA) which is the first independent activity with the most extensive scale in Vietnam today, is voted by scholars and readers, and jointly organized by the Good Books Reading Promotion Project (founded by intellectuals since 2007), IRED Institute and the OpenEdu Initiative.

For the purpose of “Contributing to the selection of good books and promoting good books to encourage reading and at the same time, contributing to progressive trends in reading, writing, translating and making books”, GBA is expected to become as a “knowledge filter” to help the public have more channels to access advanced knowledge and values ​​of Vietnam and the world.

Following the success of GBA in the previous 10 seasons, the 11th GBA in 2022 awarded 14 outstanding works in 07 categories which are: Research, Education, Economics, Administration, Literature, Children and New Discoveries.

In 2022, Knowledge Publishing House had 02 books that won the Good Books Awards 2022 in the same category that is translated books, which are: 1) Education Category, The book: TRUTH, BEAUTY AND GOODNESS REFRAMED - Author: Howard Gardner; Translator: Hieu Tan; 2) Research Category, The book: BETWEEN PAST AND FUTURE: EIGHT EXERCISES IN POLITICAL THOUGHT - Author: Hannah Arendt; Translator: Nguyen Thi Minh; Editor: Bui Van Nam Son. These are the outstanding books of Knowledge Publishing House in recent years. Some highlights of the two books:

The book: Truth, Beauty and Goodness Reframed (Howard Gardner).

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Kon Tum: Training on Sustainable Durian Farming
On May 23, in Sa Thay district, the Kon Tum Union of Science and Technology Associations coordinated with the Provincial Agriculture and Rural Development Department and Sa Thay District People's Committee to organize a workshop on "sustainable durian farming techniques".
354 Science and Technology Awards for Vietnamese Students
The Ministry of Education and Training, Ministry of Science and Technology, Vietnam Fund for Supporting Technological Creations - VIFOTEC (under VUSTA), and the Central Committee of HCYU have jointly organized the Science and Technology Awards for Students in Higher Education Institutions 2023.
Need to Diversified Methods of Popularizing Science for Young Generation
The symposium "Creating a Good Ecosystem for Scientists' Engagement in Popular Science" within the framework of the World Conference on Science Literacy 2023, was held at Shougang Park, Beijing, China. Many speakers offered models and solutions to improve scientific understanding for young people.
Put Journalists on the "Professional Track"
This is the goal of the training program on enhancing professional journalism skills for journalists and editors from media agencies within the VUSTA system, held on September 28 in Hanoi.
The French cultural influence through selected works published in Vietnam
The seminar "The French cultural influence through selected works published in Vietnam" is part of the series of events called "European Literature Days 2023" held in Hanoi, with the participation of 13 European countries. This seminar aimed to provide an overview and assessment of the cultural influence of France through certain works published in Vietnam.


EU Partnership Forum 2024
Vietnam established diplomatic ties with the European Union (EU) in October 1990. Since then, Vietnam has become one of the EU's main partners in the region, with the highest number of agreements of any country in Southeast Asia (including EVFTA and JETP).
VIFOTEC Awards granted to 47 excellent creations
On the evening of May 30 at the Hanoi Opera House, the Vietnam Fund for Supporting Technological Creations (VIFOTEC, under VUSTA) coordinated with the Ministry of Science & Technology, the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor and the Central Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union to hold the 2023 Vietnam Science and Technology Innovation Award (VIFOTEC Award) Ceremony.
Green Forest Program to launch in 2024
To celebrate World Environment Day (June 5th), VUSTA and the Center for People and Nature (PanNature) coordinated with the local authority to hold a launching ceremony for the 2024 Green Forest Program on the morning of June 2nd (2024). The program aims to restore 10 hectares of forest in Van Ho (Son La) and 15 in Hang Kia - Pa Co Nature Reserve.
Vietnam Integration Journal receives DOI
In May 2024, the Vietnam Integration Journal (under the Institute of Policy, Law, and Management - VUSTA) was licensed by Crossref organization with Digital Object Identifier (DOI).