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Enterprises and Entrepreneurs in the era of industrial revolution 4.0

On December 25, in Hanoi, the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) and APEC Entrepreneur Research and Training Institute held a science workshop about Enterprises and Entrepreneurs in 4.0 Revolution.

Dr. Pham Van Tan - Vice President of VUSTA delivered an opening speech

The purpose of the workshop is to improve enterprises and entrepreneurs’ awareness about their necessity to actively and effectively participate in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 as well as create a forum for meeting and introducing their new products, services and technologies to managers, partners and users.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0 is the current trend of automation and data exchange in production technology. It includes physical network systems, internet connection and cloud computing, is an intelligent manufacturing platform with outstanding labor productivity. The Revolution 4.0 has a strong impact on every nation, government, Enterprises and people across the globe, fundamentally changing the way we live, work and produce, etc.

Giving opening speech at the workshop, Dr. Pham Van Tan, the Vice President of VUSTA said that Resolution No. 52-NQ / TW issued on September 27, 2019 by Politburo stipulating guidelines and policies to actively participate in the fourth industrial revolution clearly indicated that: Industry 4.0 have opened up many opportunities together with many challenges for every nation and individual, and had been increasingly affecting all aspects of our life, economy, society and the whole country. The whole political system had made great efforts in leading, directing, propagating and facilitating structures and policies, especially the business sector making great efforts in promoting their application of science and technology innovation, improving their access capacity and active participation in the Public Revolution 4.0.

Dr. Tan shared that, on the basis of Resolution No. 52-NQ / TW, many structures, policies and laws were enacted. Enterprises needed to quickly catch up with them and take better advantage of opportunities brought by the Industrial Revolution 4.0, improve labor productivity, product quality and competitiveness, thereby, promote the process of growth renovation, restructure the economy; develop the digital economy strongly; develop it fast and sustainably based on science and technology, innovate creation and high quality manpower; improve life quality to contribute to the country's sustainable development.

Dr. Tan believed that during the fourth industrial revolution, enterprises were determined to be at the center of it. In that context, where would Vietnamese enterprises take? What were opportunities and challenges for our enterprises and what would our enterprises have to do to minimize the negative effects and make the best of opportunities?

Delegates presented at the workshop

At the workshop, series of presentations had provided new information that drawn the interest of business community such as "Smart Cities - the foundation of smart society" by Senior Lieutenant General, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Thanh, Deputy Minister of Public Security; "Mastering the great transformation of the 21 stcentury - effective system management for enterprises and organizations" by Dr. Nam Nguyen, Director of Australia and Southeast Asia, Malik Institute, St Gallen, Switzerland; Vice President of International System Federation; "Vietnam's agriculture in the industrial revolution 4.0" by Dr. Nguyen Tri Ngoc, Vice Chairman cum General Secretary of Vietnam General Association of Agriculture.

It is supposed that Industry 4.0 is not only about smart, connected machines and systems, but a much wider range also. Simultaneously, it creates waves of further breakthroughs in various fields from gene coding to nanotechnology, from renewable energies to quantum computing.

Industry 4.0 facilitates the creation of "smart factories" or "digital factories". In these smart factories, physical cyberspace systems will monitor physical processes, create a virtual copy of the physical world. With IoT, these physical cyberspace systems interact with each other and with people in real time, and through IoT, users will participate in a value chain through their usage of these services.

Scene of the workshop

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