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2021-07-05 15:35

Vifotec Award 2020: Using compacts soils as a primary raw material in producing construction materials

This scientific work researched and applied by Dr. Nguyen Quang Mau at Dat Viet Pottery Joint Stock Company. According to Dr. Nguyen Quang Mau, the exploitation raw materials by traditional methods through removing the top layer and bottom layer with high hardness by outdated technology would cause high costs for handling environmental matters. From that fact, Dat Viet Brick and Tile Joint Stock Company has conducted a research to take advantage of the hard soil to produce high-quality brick and tile products.

Dat Viet Pottery received the Vietnam Gold Star Award

Raw materials used in the production of bricks and tiles in the construction industry are going to scarcity and would no longer available for production. This research will help save resources. The outcomes also assist environmental protection work by reducing the indiscriminate dumping of waste of materials (land/soil from cover layer, hard soil) into the environment, without waste disposal sites; saving cost for transportation process of dumping those solid waste; saving costs in production with low cost and high-quality products as well as ensuring quantity of input materials.

Dr. Nguyen Quang Mau said that in case remaining the old fashioned technology, the entire soil cover layer (top soil with many gravel, rocks, sand) and the entire hard soil layer (under the plastic soil layer) are all discarded during clay mining. So that it discarded a large amount of soil causing harm to the environment. In fact, the plastic soil layer can be used to produce high quality brick and tile products (by old technology) is small, accounting for only one out of third of the mining depth of the planned mines.

The use of mulch and hard soil materials in tile production is based on two scientific evidence: research and development of new mixes suitable for new soil types and the use of dry grinding technique to produce fine granules from hard soils. The results of project showed that up to 30% of hard soil materials and mulch soil (in addition to plastic soil) were used in the blending work, making the product high quality, ensuring the requirements for color as well as technical properties of the product. The work will continue to research to increase the use of hard soil materials at least 50% of cover soil in blending work in accordance with the ratio of materials in the mine.

In particular, in addition to using raw materials of hard soil and mulch in the mines of the Company, the project also conducts on the use of hard soil and mulch in the process of coal mining, a very large source of soil has not been utilized in coal mining. All materials used in the research process have been applied in practice at Dat Viet Brick and Tile Joint Stock Company.

This is the first time in Vietnam, Dat Viet Brick and Tile Joint Stock Company has researched and successfully applied into production of high-class tile products using raw materials of hard soil, mulch soil (the material that was previously not usable in production); The use of hard soil, mulch soil with many valuable properties to add to the production mix to create good quality products by increasing the percentage of thin additives in the mix to prevent warping, make products more durability.

This project serves the production and development of Dat Viet Brick and Tile Joint Stock Company on its own needs. All research results have been applied practically right into production. Currently, mass production is underway, this technology can be replicated to other brick and tile production plants.

Leaders meeting to research and develop solutions of the Company

By taking advantage of applying this research results, the company has benefited nearly 200 million dong per month from the utilization of hard soil, cover soil leading to reducing production costs and lowering the price of products. Thereby, making a significant contribution to environment protection and maintaining a clean environment for people. In addition, other benefits namely transportation costs of waste, environmental fees, site for waste discharge.... The utilization of resources from hard soil helps the company no longer relies heavily on raw materials, proactively provides a source of raw materials for stable and long-term production to contribution for the firm’s sustainable development…

The noble rewards that Gom Dat Viet was awarded

Gom Dat Viet currently owns the best quality clay raw materials and the largest reserve in Southeast Asia. With the mission of bringing pure oriental beauty, Gom Dat Viet has been providing the market with high-class building materials products such as bricks, decorative tiles, cotto bricks... Gom Dat Viet’s perspective towards people-centered as the root of development; building brand identity associated with noble human values; Gom Dat Viet brand is on its way towards the goal of a leading manufacturer and distributor of baked clay bricks in the region.


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